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China First!
China First!

Perlove PLD9600 Series
Obtains EU CE-MDR Certification

PL300B Surgical Navigation System
Surgical Navigation System

Move forward robotic assisted surgery

PLD7900 Series Digital Motion X-ray System
PLD7900 Series
Digital Motion X-ray System

Functional imaging in your RAD room
The next generation of digital x-ray is here

PLX8600 High Frequency Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy System
High Frequency Digital
Radiography/Fluoroscopy System


Nanjing Perlove Medical
Equipment Co., Ltd.
Skybow PLX7500
Skybow PLX7500A

Lead the Trend of 3D Imaging

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Operating Room Imaging Solutions
Perlove C-arm includes: high frequency small-size C-arm, flat-panel small-size C-arm, three-dimensional small-size C-arm, flat-panel interventional medium-size C-arm, etc., with clear images and superior performance.
Diagnostic Imaging Solutions
Perlove DRF series can be used in hospitals at all levels to perform X-ray photography, fluoroscopy and angiography .It is featured by flexible movement, convenient operation and high efficiency.
Radiology Imaging Solutions
Perlove DR is mainly used by medical examination centers, imaging centers and other departments to meet the clinical examination of various parts of the human body. It is known for high-quality clinical diagnostic images.
Dental Medical Imaging Solutions
Perlove CBCT applies to Stomatology department,mainly covers Orthodontics,Oral Medicine,Otorhinolaryngology and Plastic surgery. Its outstanding advantage lies in lower effective radiation doses, fewer space requirements and easier image acquisition.
Pet Medical Imaging Solutions

Perlove vet series is suitable for fluoroscopy of various parts of the animal body.What should be noted is its optimal ergonomic design and professional image acquisition and processing system.

Breast Diagnostic Imaging Solutions
Perlove mammography system applies to General Surgery.With new digital upgrade give patients the most comfortable experience.At the same time,its Professional breast image processing system can ensure better diagnostic result.

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