【International Day of Radiation 2023】 The light of technology will light up the future


Accurate diagnosis, imaging first. The discovery of “X-rays” has opened a door to the development of radiation imaging medicine, making disease diagnosis intuitive, simple, and clear. Countless patients have been diagnosed and treated accurately through radiology examinations and precise diagnosis made by radiologists.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

On November 8, 1895, Dr. William Conrad Roentgen discovered “X-rays”. This magical ray has changed the mode of human diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and human medicine has entered a new era; It is precisely this discovery that has created a new discipline – medical imaging. In order to commemorate Roentgen, in 2012, the North American Radiology Society, the American Society of Radiology, and the European Society of Radiology jointly decided to establish November 8th as the holiday for radiologists – “International Radiology Day“, with the aim of promoting the development of medical imaging.

They are imaging physicians/technicians, clinical doctors who can manipulate magical rays to examine lesions for patients. They can extract cocoons from a frame of image to make accurate diagnoses. They are the “disease captors” in hospitals.

Perlove Medical has been deeply involved in the field of general care for 20 years. Throughout its 20 year development process, Perlove Medical has always adhered to technological innovation as the core, guided by meeting clinical needs, and continuously improved product quality and service level. From the initial simple devices to the current high-end intelligent systems, the development of Perlove Medical’s products has undergone technological innovation and market baptism time and time again, continuously promoting the acceleration of national medical development.

On this International Radiology Day 2023, we pay tribute to all radiology medical staff and all those who promote the development of medical imaging!


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