【Perlove Medical】 Advantages of 3D C-arm in foot and ankle surgery


The Importance of 3D Imaging

Many of the procedures in foot and ankle surgery are intra-articular fractures, and for this type of fracture, the doctor needs to perform anatomical repositioning, which means making sure that all the articular surfaces of the ankle joint are level. To accomplish this, the surgeon needs to make a three-dimensional imaging judgment, which is difficult to accurately determine from two-dimensional images of the anterior and lateral views alone, as two-dimensional images do not present the planes of the joint. Preoperatively, the patient can undergo a CT examination coupled with a 3D reconstruction, which allows the surgeon to clearly see the joint planes. Intraoperatively, conventional X-rays are also not adequate for surgery, so intraoperatively the surgeon would like to have equipment (e.g., a 3-D C-arm ) that can take 3-D images.

❖ Knowledge point: anatomical repositioning

Fractured segments through the restoration of the normal anatomical relationship, alignment (the contact surface of the two fracture ends) and alignment (the relationship between the two fracture segments in the longitudinal axis) is completely good, is called anatomical restoration.

Medical science] Advantages of three-dimensional C- arm in foot and ankle surgery

I. Ensure that the surgical joint surface is flat

II. Ensure that the nail is accurately driven at the fracture site

Ensure that the nail is accurately struck at the fracture rather than through the bone and into the joint. If there is no 3D imaging during surgery, there is a possibility that the nail may be driven into the joint, or the surgeon may anticipate that the nail may be driven into the joint and make an adjustment, which will also prolong the duration of the surgery.

However, if we have a 3D C-arm during the surgery, we can avoid these situations, which can be said to achieve the accurate treatment of the surgery, and greatly increase the efficacy of the surgery, and reduce the patient’s unnecessary complications.


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