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20 Years' Event

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Perlove Medical 2022 Annual Commendation Conference

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The Song of Perlove

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A Heartfelt Message from Our Valued Customers to Perlove

Over the past two decades, Perlove Medical has remained steadfast in our commitment to enhancing and evolving our product offerings. We have continuously progressed from analog conventional X-ray systems to state-of-the-art digital radiography systems. Similarly, we have transitioned from image intensifier C-arms to advanced intraoperative integrated navigation systems. Each stride we have taken has been resolute and purposeful.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated partners for their unwavering support throughout this remarkable journey. As we look ahead, we are excited to continue collaborating with our esteemed partners to make even greater strides in advancing human health. Together, we will forge ahead, making significant contributions to the well-being of people worldwide.


Specialized in X-ray smart making for 20 years

main products

Spine Surgical Navigation System

Lead the Trend of 3D lmaging

HF Mobile Digital C-arm System (Flat Panel Detector)

Dynamic FPD Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy system

Mobile Digital Radiography System

Worldwide Installations

About Us

Review of History


Perlove newly established, full of vigor and vitality. First line- frequency mobile X-ray machine was successfully developed.


Nothing can separate people with shared goals and vision. The first general meeting of shareholders was held.


With technological innovation and expansion of production scale, Perlove is flourishing Subsidiary Company--Zhuhai Perlead Medical Equipment Co., Ltd was established.


Maintain continuous growth with product capacity and hardware equipment upgrades. Moved from Dajiaochang to Kaiyuan Road.


Great Love Without Words, Courage Under Mission Assuming social responsibility, Perlove donated machines to Wenchuan earthquake-stricken areas.


Try to ascend the mountain’s crest, all peaks will be dwarfed under the feet. Perlove products were sent to Antarctica, serving the research icebreaker XUE LONG.


Pursuing the light, treading on the dreams. Successfully launched the first 3D C-arm system and won the prize of 15th China Design Patent Gold Award.


New journey of the new starting point. Laid foundation for the new production base on Wangxi Road.


Standing in the forefront with continuous innovation bearing fruit. Launched the first wireless FPD C-arm system.


As a new chapter begins, Perlove takes on a new look. Moved to the new production base on Wangxi Road.


Digging into intervention training and devoted to improving clinical skills. The training course on intervention was officially launched.


Rapid technological advance has fostered a new chapter in Perlove. The launch of PLX7100A mobile digital FPD C-arm system combined with PL300B spine surgery navigation system provided a whole work flow in spinal operations.


Spreading the "wings" of innovation, "soaring" in the global market.  Perlove Medical had the privilege to welcome a distinguished delegation from the United Nations to our company.

Social Responsibility

“Faint Light” Foundation