2024 CMEF Spring Exhibition ended successfully, Perlove Medical brings you an exciting review


On April 11-14, the 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair (2024 CMEF Spring) was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As the “wind vane” of the global medical industry, CMEF is a whole industry chain medical equipment expo that integrates product technology, new product debut, procurement and trade, brand dissemination, scientific research and cooperation, academic forums, etc. The following four keywords will bring you a review of CMEF. The following four keywords will take you back to the wonderful moments of CMEF 2024 spring exhibition.

Group photo of Perlove Medical 2024 CMEF booth

● Ceremony

It became a sense of ritual to meet at CMEF. For Perlove Medical, CMEF is not only an unprecedented industry event, but also a development answer sheet to old and new friends. What achievements have Perlove made in product innovation and clinical services this year? What achievements have Perlove made in product innovation and clinical services this year, and what market opportunities do we have to share with our partners? 2024 CMEF spring exhibition, new and old friends came to visit us enthusiastically, and the site was very popular. The reception team of Perlove Medical enthusiastically made every explanation, showing their professionalism in equipment and warm hospitality to the guests.

● Innovative Answer

Perlove Medical has overcome the difficulties in 3D imaging technology and has been deeply engaged in 3D imaging for more than ten years, and has delivered an innovative answer by launching the third generation of 3D C-arms – high-power 3D C-arm PLX C7600. In 2024 CMEF Spring Show, Perlove ‘s high-power 3D C-arm completed the world’s first exhibition. The high power 3D C-arm will surely promote the more efficient and extensive application of 3D imaging in clinic.

Deep ploughing and specialized research

Perlove has always insisted on deep plowing, exploring and innovating in the field of medical imaging and high-end intelligent navigation. The 3D C-arm and self-developed orthopedic surgical robot, with precision as the cornerstone and integrated adaptive alignment, make surgery simpler and more efficient. In addition, the general radiology imaging products exhibited at the 2024 CMEF Spring Show also showed high-end and intelligentization, which can meet the wider clinical needs for dynamic and static examinations, high-definition imaging, convenient positioning and so on. P&A Medical has completed the high-end iteration of the whole series of products to provide high-quality diagnosis and treatment guarantee for every patient.

Unlimited Potential

In this era of challenges and opportunities, we fully recognize the value of win-win cooperation. Perlove always welcomes every partner with an open attitude, whether it is an old friend who has been through the storm or a new partner who is full of medical ambitions. Let’s work hand in hand to embrace the exciting journey of CMEF Spring 2024 and explore the infinite possibilities of medical technology. We look forward to working with our customers to create a brilliant future for human healthcare in the years to come.

Although the 2024 CMEF Spring Exhibition has come to an end, the journey of Perlove Medical is still continuing. We will move forward on the road of healthcare with a more determined pace. Looking forward to the future, Perlove will continue to use precision imaging technology to strengthen medical and health services, introduce better quality products and solutions for diversified application scenarios, and look forward to meeting with you in the next meeting.


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