3D Digital C-arm System was successfully installed in Third-class hospital again!


Recently,Our PLX7200 3D Digital C-arm System(Cone Beam CT)was successfully installed at The Affiliated Hospital to Changchun University of Chinese Medicine. It marks that PLX7200 has injected new scientific and technological power into the hospital.Our PLX7200 not only brings gospel to patients, but also helps Changchun people to receive high-level surgical treatment.

 The biggest feature of PLX7200 is intraoperative 3D imaging and accurate surgical guarantee.Firstly,Powerful 3D image rreconstruction processing system help provide early and details diagnoses as well as more precise and less invasive treat ment.Secondly,Isocentric four-dimension motorized design decrease the movement of patient and machine,providing the best protection for doctors.Thirdly,best applied for intraoperative use in orthopedic,trauma and spine surgery.

  We Perlove Medical sincerely hope that PLX7200 3D Digital C-arm System will play a greater role in clinical applications.Besides that we will also provide the best service support for the hospital.


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