Advancements in Multifunctional Imaging DR Technology Revolutionize Colorectal Diagnostics


In recent years, with the development of X-ray imaging technology, the emergence of multifunctional imaging DRVisual Dynamic DRF has taken X-ray examination technology to a new level in precise diagnosis of colorectal diseases. So what are the advantages of multifunctional imaging DR in colorectal examinations? Low dosage, real-time continuous recording, high-definition still images, high-quality dynamic images, and image replay make it highly favored by doctors in all levels of hospital radiology departments.

Multifunctional imaging DR offers numerous benefits in gastroenterology examinations. Firstly, its 17×17-inch large format imaging capability allows for a single exposure to cover extensive areas such as the esophagus, stomach, intestines, and colon. This greatly reduces radiation dosage and examination time for patients while providing high spatial resolution. Compared to traditional gastrointestinal machines, image quality is significantly improved.

Additionally, real-time still image capture during fluoroscopy enables quick switching between dynamic and static images. This advantage is particularly evident during esophagography as it allows for rapid capture of lesion images. Furthermore, video recording and playback functions allow diagnostic evaluation through video replay even after patient examination without the need for repeat procedures.

Comparison of DR imaging images

Currently, clinical examination methods for anal and rectal diseases include electronic colonoscopy, anal rectal ultrasonography (ARUS), and X-ray barium enema examinations. Compared to the first two methods mentioned above, X-ray barium enema examinations offer more precise diagnoses with broader clinical applications while ensuring patient comfortability without pain or discomfort.

Apart from barium enemas, multifunctional imaging DR is also suitable for gastrointestinal contrast studies such as gastric intubation or hysterosalpingography. Additionally used as a regular digital X-ray machine allowing full-body digital photography examinations; it serves as an advanced gastrointestinal machine supporting various needs such as digital fluoroscopy under localization guidance or simple interventional treatments across different departments within hospitals including medical check-up centers/internal medicine departments/surgery departments/orthopedics/traumatology/emergency departments.

Gastrointestinal Imaging High Definition Images

Using multifunctional imaging DR for anal and rectal disease examinations has two prominent features: real-time monitoring/dynamic recording capability along with comprehensive information collection that includes clear images from multiple angles resulting in more comprehensive research analysis by random recording on different parts/aspects related to lesions presented.This truly versatile fluoroscopic photography system possesses comprehensive general-purpose functionality from standard digital radiographs to specialized contrast studies delivering high-quality image results meeting the demanding diagnostic requirements at various types / levels within healthcare institutions; thereby providing essential support towards hospital’s future development!


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