Advantages of digital dynamic DR in fracture diagnosis


During the cold winter months with frequent rain and snow, people wearing heavy clothing, coupled with icy and slippery roads that are difficult to navigate, are prone to falls, increasing the risk of fractures. Fracture diagnosis relies heavily on digital dynamic DR technology, which has more obvious advantages in fracture diagnosis than conventional DR with limited two-dimensional imaging.

Advantages of digital dynamic DR in fracture diagnosis

First of all, digital dynamic DR is not only capable of conventional static photography, but also has the function of visual operation. Through dynamic fluoroscopy and real-time high-definition spotting, it can capture the changes of the joints in the process of movement and help doctors observe the mobility and stability of the joints, so as to judge the fracture more accurately.

At the same time, it can also perform multi-angle observation during fluoroscopy. Through images from different angles, doctors can more accurately analyse the location, degree and morphology of the fracture and obtain more comprehensive information about the fracture, thus avoiding misdiagnosis and omission caused by single-angle photography.

Fracture radiographs

Secondly, the high resolution of digital dynamic DR images can show the fine structure of bones more clearly, which helps doctors accurately identify fractures. With radiation dose monitoring system, it can display the dose intensity of a single exposure in real time, which is convenient for doctors to grasp the radiation situation and effectively control the dose intake, providing a safer guarantee for the examinees.

Digital Dynamic DR also has a panoramic splicing function, which can be used to display the whole spine or the whole lower limbs on a single X-ray image by segmenting the spine and the lower limbs and then splicing the segmented images, providing comprehensive image data for orthopaedic joint replacement, spinal orthopaedic surgery and other surgeries.

Perlove Medical Digital Dynamic DR Panorama Splicing

In fracture diagnosis, Prudential Digital Dynamic DR has various application advantages such as high-definition dynamic imaging, multi-angle shooting, convenient operation, panoramic splicing, etc., which can provide more accurate and comprehensive fracture diagnostic information for the clinic, and provide effective assistance for the doctors to formulate reasonable treatment plans!


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