an unusual brand promotion meeting


Kenya, a place in East Africa, the equator across the central, the rift valley longitudinal north and south. While tourism is booming, demand for chinese-made medical products has been increasing in the past several years as well.

We have cooperated with local dealers in an unusual brand promotion meeting, which has achieved good feedback and results from the promotion of brand history, the satisfactory after-sales service of dealers, the sharing of good local installation cases and the popularity of new products to the market.

This successful presentation not only laid a good foundation for our visit in the following week, but also laid a good basic case for our brand promotion in the Kenyan market in the second half of the year.(China c arm x ray machine)

The center thanks dealers for their full support, and also thanks dozens OF hospitals for believing in China’s independent brand PERLOVE, THE WORLD OF LOVE. We will continue to do a good job in after-sales service, and at THE same time, walk in THE forefront OF THE times to constantly develop new products, and carry forward THE


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