C-Arm Award Data for August 2023 Perlove Medical Ranks 3rd.


Turning fast to late October, let’s take a look at the C-arm market’s winning bids in August, the comprehensive data comes from the statistics of MDCLOUD (Medical Device Data Cloud).

In August 2023, a total of 174 winning bids for mobile C-arm X-ray machines (including O-form/G-form) were collected, involving 134 purchasing units and 21 brand owners.

Perlove Medical ranked 3rd in the overall list / 1st in China

Among the C-arm winning companies in August 2023, according to the winning amount, GE HealthCare ranked first with 25.96% of the amount; Siemens Healthcare ranked second with 24.34% of the amount; and Perlove Medical ranked third with 13.6% of the amount.

Mobile C-Arm Brand Winning Data for August 2023

Perlove Medical PLX118F/a Mobile Compact C-Arm Ranks 7th

Looking at the models, GE HealthCare’s mobile C-arm X-ray machine (with O-form/G-form), model OEC One CFD, ranked No. 1 in August 2023, with 13.92% of its total bids; No. 2 was Siemens Healthcare’s Cios Select Diamond, with 7.54% of its total bids; and Ziehm Imaging ranked No. 3, model Ziehm Vision RFD 3D, the total amount of winning bids accounted for 6.48%.

Mobile C-Arm Brand and Model Winning Data for August 2023

Perlove Medical’s mobile flat-panel compact C-arm (model PLX118F/a) ranked seventh, with a total share of 3.47%. The PLX118F series is equipped with a large-size dynamic flat-panel detector, which has the advantages of high DQE, low noise, and clear images; and it adopts the intelligent inverter pulse transillumination technology, which optimizes the quality of the image and reduces the radiation dose at the same time, so as to take care of the doctor and patient’s health.


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