Case presentation: Interventional procedure of lung cancer by PLX7100A


Interventional oncology is a brand new cancer treatment practice by adopting minimally invasive technique as well as a growing trend of cancer surgeries. In traditional cancer treatment, general surgery has mostly played a major part in the treatment of early and mid-term cancer. However, as the development of surgical imaging becomes more and more mature, minimally invasive technique has largely extended the capabilities of cancer treatment.

Case presentation

Description: Male, 61 years old, suffers from frequent chest tightness and cough. CT scan finds a space-occupying lesion in the left lung. After biopsy, patient was diagnosed with lung tumor.

CT scan diagnosis

Bronchial arterial embolization and infusion

After general anesthesia, an incision was made through the femoral artery. By the image guidance, a micro guide wire is then introduced into the artery and push it up toward the thoracic aorta. After that, superselectively catheterize three tumor blood vessels of left bronchial arteries. By precisely injecting embolic microspheres into the arteries, it successful cut off the blood supply of the tumor.

Before and after embolization


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