Suspended DR

Features & Benefits

High Performance and Intelligent

Luxury Version

● Chest & lying radiography.
● Ceiling track design to cover the large shooting area.

● Freely switching of movement by automatic and manual controls.

● Lifting table movement is convenient to the children, the elders and the disabled.

Classic Version

● Convenient and fast movement control.
● Intuitively display of SID, tube rotating angle and etc.

● User-friendly design.
● Flexible movement satisfy different special positioning.
(Wheelchair and Stretcher)

● Easy operation.
● One-key positioning.
● Reduce the operation steps and improve the work efficiency of doctors.

The tube rotates to complete the chest and lying radiography position.

Stable and Reliable Image Chain

● Good X-ray source
● Strong penetration ability
● Low-dose radiation
● Stable performance
● High-quality image
● High efficiency


● Large heat capacity
● High-speed tube
● Suitable for long time and high-intensity work
● Have long service life
● Three optioonal power: 56kw, 71kw, 80kw


● Standard high-resolution wireless flat-panel
● Optional dual flat-panel


● Great image post-processing function
● Only one-click can finish your work


Cloud Image Interconnection

● The system brings convenience to staff by multiple intelligence control modes, simple and fast control interface and efficient image collection will acceler-ate the speed and improve accuracy of clinical

● Meet the different requirements of outpatient, eme-rgency, physical examination on different cases.

● High standard software system, faster image acqui-sition, improved workflow continuity and overall inspection quality. 3-5 seconds speed conversion,1-2 seconds faster than similar DR, offering faster examine experience for clinic.
● Fast automatic image processing.
● Automatic image output.

Certifications- CE, ISO Approved

● The system can be maintained remotely, it can perform fault self diagnosis and display fault codes, quickly and accurately determine the fault status and has self-protection functions.
● It can share information with PACS system, bring benefits for remote diagnosis.

Suspended DR

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