Cherish your life, Care about your health — Perlove Medical appeared at RSNA 2018


Radiology is at the heart of most medical decisions, helping people discover diseases at an early stage and making accurate diagnoses and treatments. As healthcare organizations continue to transform into value-based healthcare, they need smart solutions to improve financial performance, increase productivity, improve diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes, and improve patient satisfaction.

From November 25th to 30th, 2018, as one of the world’s largest and most influential authoritative academic organizations, the 104th Annual Radiological Conference in North America (RSNA) was held at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago, USA. Perlove Medical Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development of dynamic tablet small C and general-purpose equipment. It shares our hot products with experts, scholars and colleagues in the global medical community. We are a one-stop supplier of general-purpose equipment.

The theme of this year’s RSNA is “Tomorrow’s Radiology Today”: The future medical environment is booming, transforming the current doctor-centered medical model into a patient-oriented, new model based on individual needs. It emphasizes that radiologists should communicate more with patients and focus on patient needs in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment.

Vijay M. Rao, President of the conference, gave a keynote speech entitled “How Emerging Technology Will Empower Tomorrow’s Radiologists to Provide Better Patient Care.” She believes that technological innovation will move imaging technology toward “faster, safer, quantitative, precise and affordable” (faster, safer, quantitative, precise and affordable).

Perlove Medical’s products have been exported to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. The internationalization strategy that has been practiced has made the world familiar with us and has also made us truly go to the world. Only full internationalization can set off the banner of national brands. Only full marketization can enable enterprises to continue to innovate and develop.

As the domestic C-arm industry standard setter, C-arm products have served 10,000 medical institutions around the world. At the RSNA2018 event, Perlove Medical displayed the current hot-selling dynamic tablet C, this tablet C Since its launch in 2017, the arm has been recognized and favored by many domestic and foreign experts and end customers with clear images and convenient clinical operations. It has participated in many large-scale clinical practice demonstrations, and its products are more mature and close to clinical needs. Perlove Medical improves diagnostic efficiency through innovative imaging technology, greatly facilitating clinicians and improving patient experience.

Perlove Medical has attracted the attention of many foreign customers and platforms from Europe, North America, Africa, Japan and South Korea with its innovative technology and advanced product solutions. The company’s elite team communicates, communicates and negotiates with customers who come to visit, and explores new cooperation opportunities to further enhance their visibility and influence.

The layout of emerging strategic markets is the new move of Perlove Medical in the export market this year. As a representative of Chinese brands, Perlove is constantly digging deeper along the “Belt and Road” to accelerate the layout. In the future, we will continue to make great strides towards the global medical imaging market under the guidance of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, based on the Chinese market and relying on leading technology research and development capabilities, with advanced products and equipment as tools. Continuously enhance the brand influence of “China Zhizao” and help the development of global medical imaging.

The combination of intelligent application and medical health will be the new direction for the development of the medical imaging industry in the future. Perlove Medical will continue to pay attention to the development of the times and patient needs, and become the power to expand China’s medical technology innovation. RSNA, we will see you next year!


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