Clinical advantages of hundred micron DR: presenting richer imaging details


X-ray photography technology is the foundation of modern medical imaging examinations. With the help of various X-ray imaging devices, not only can the morphology and structure of human tissues be observed, but it also provides the possibility for organ function examination. And in the six major categories of imaging equipment (CT DR、DSA、PET、MRI、 The localization level of ultrasound and DR is the most mature among all radiation imaging equipment, and it is also the imaging equipment with the highest completion rate of domestic substitution for imported ones.

For DR devices, flat panel detectors are a major core component, which is of great significance for the quality of system imaging. At present, some domestic manufacturers have mastered the core technology of DR tablets, which can achieve mass supply to the market and promote the development of domestic DR towards higher end and clearer direction.

100 micron DR

At present, “hundred micron DR” has gradually become popular on the market. What are the advantages of hundred micron DR and what are its clinical advantages?

Taking PERLOVE brand’s PLX8100 as an example, this is a large-sized multifunctional dynamic DR machine equipped with a high-performance 100 μ m tablet. The combination of 4K * 4K acquisition matrix and 100 μ m pixel size makes the image resolution and tolerance superior to conventional DR devices around 130 μ m.

Comparison of images between hundred micron DR and ordinary pixel size DR

Taking chest photography as an example, by comparing the images of a 100 micron flat panel with those of a regular pixel sized flat panel, it can be seen that the contrast of the 100 micron image is moderate, the image clarity is higher, and the imaging details are richer. In chest imaging, details such as the structure of the lung hilum shadow and lung texture are displayed more clearly. The edges of the diaphragm, heart, and mediastinum on both sides are clearly and sharply displayed, and the fine structures of the chest can be clearly displayed in the imaging, meeting clinical diagnostic requirements.


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