Clinical case of large flat integrated C arm orthopedics


 In orthopaedic surgical treatment of spine and long bone fractures, obtaining a larger field of view and a clearer image of the fracture site can help doctors to understand and evaluate the alignment and alignment of the fracture site in a timely manner during the operation, and can measure the length and alignment of the fracture site. Angle measurement provides strong support for further improving the quality of surgery.

  Perlove Medical has been deeply involved in the field of C-arms for 19 years, and has a number of invention patents and mature technologies. The market share of C-arms is at the forefront of the industry. At the end of 2021, Perlove Medical integrated advanced technology and launched a large flat integrated C-arm – PLX119C. A wider field of view and clearer images bring a better clinical experience!

Patient: Male, 43 years old, left femoral shaft fracture treated with intramedullary nailing and internal fixation

Hospital: Nanjing Yingtian Orthopaedic Hospital

The femur is the main weight-bearing bone of the lower extremity. It has its special anatomical relationship and the surrounding muscles are developed. Therefore, once the femoral shaft fracture is improperly treated, it is easy to cause muscle stretch, resulting in deformity and dysfunction. In the treatment of femoral shaft fractures, the length and line of force of the limb must be restored, without rotation, and minimally invasive procedures should be performed as far as possible to protect the local blood supply of the fracture and promote healing. Intramedullary nailing can achieve greater stability and firmness for fracture fixation, can reduce iatrogenic pollution, reduce soft tissue separation and peripheral blood supply damage, and is conducive to early fracture healing. It is the first choice for the treatment of femoral shaft fractures.

Preoperative examination  

C-arm assisted surgical procedure

  During the operation, Perlove Medical large flat integrated C-arm was used for fluoroscopy to determine the fracture situation and the position of metal implants such as Kirschner wires and intramedullary nails, and make adjustments. The accurate intraoperative positioning of the C-arm greatly shortens the operation time, relieves the pain of the patient, and assists the successful completion of the operation.

When performing intramedullary nailing, the doctor needs to observe the nail entry point and the fracture site at the same time. Perlove Medical’s large flat-panel integrated C-arm uses a 30CM×30CM flat-panel detector, which can present a wider imaging area. Meets most of the imaging needs of long intramedullary nailing and internal fixation.

The intraoperative positioning was accurate and the amount of blood loss was small. The postoperative images showed that the femoral displacement was corrected, the alignment of the femur was restored, and the surgical effect was good.

Comparison of PLX119C clinical images and traditional images


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