Common Myths About X-Rays And Facts


Common Myths About X-Rays And Facts

X-rays, a type of electromagnetic radiation that images the human body, are a commonly used medical imaging tool and are extremely important in diagnosing disease and ensuring proper treatment. However, there are several misconceptions related to x-rays due to lack of knowledge or fear. In this article, we bust some of the more common ones.

Myth:Radiation from Diagnostic Imaging Is Harmful

FACT: Believe it or not, radiation is an indispensable part of the natural environment. In daily life, we are all exposed to small doses of radiation. In addition, modern x-ray machines, especially digital x-ray machines (compared to older x-ray machines, which reduce radiation exposure by 75% or more) use very little radiation and are not considered harmful at all.Although it is true that there are dangers associated with overexposure to radiation, the radiation used in diagnostic imaging procedures is minimal – too little to cause problems.

Perlove PLX118C is more flexible and efficient, brings patients and doctors more benefit! It is adopts advanced pulse fluoroscopy technology, combined with high standard hardware configuration. The ray waveform is a rectangular wave with low scattered rays,which prevents the generation of soft rays from the source, ensures the ray dose control, and effectively cares for the health of doctors and patients.

MYTH: X-rays affect fertility

FACT: There is no scientific evidence of it. So far, there have been no cases of infertility due to x-rays. Studies have shown that the impact of x-rays on fertility is almost zero. In other words, pregnant women are not allowed to undergo x-ray examinations because this exposes the fetus to very high doses of radiation. This can lead to deformities, growth restriction, and even miscarriage. In any case, be sure to choose a well-known diagnostic center with professional radiologists, who will strictly monitor the radiation dose.

MYTH:X-rays are outdated

FACT: Till now,x-ray technology remains the most common and important imaging tool in the world to help diagnose medical conditions. In fact, without this technology, we would face many more deaths and misdiagnoses. Because it is non-invasive and fast, it provides medical professionals with a lot of important information to help with diagnosis.

Summarising X-Rays And Their Effect

Ever since the company was founded in 2003, Perlove Medical is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research, production, sales and service of medical imaging equipment. Based on our extensive experience, we know that the insignificant side effects of x-rays far outweigh the benefits. Instead, they detect errors in a simple, fast and precise way to help you do better and faster.

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