Demystifying the Price of DR Radiology Equipment in Hospitals


DR (Digital Radiography) imaging equipment plays a crucial role in diagnosing and treating diseases within hospitals. Compared to the expensive CT and MRI scans, DR has gained popularity as an affordable alternative. Whether it is a large tertiary hospital or a small community clinic, having a DR machine that meets national standards is indispensable. However, when hospitals consider purchasing DR equipment, they not only focus on its performance and functionality but also take into account the price. So, how much does a DR radiology equipment cost? Let’s find out.

Understanding the Pricing Factors:
The price of DR radiology equipment varies based on factors such as brand, model, and configuration. It’s challenging to provide an exact figure for pricing; however, by examining recent data on successful bids for DR machines, we can arrive at an average price for these devices.

Insights from Procurement Data:
According to statistics from medical procurement agencies in China, there were a total of 6,138 purchases of digital X-ray machines (DR) in 2021 with a total transaction amount of approximately 8.2 billion RMB. This includes various types of DR machines like conventional ones as well as suspended, mobile, dynamic systems along with digital gastroenterology machines and breast X-ray machines. These purchases span across 31 provinces and municipalities and cover hospitals ranging from tertiary care centers to town health clinics and community service centers.

Calculating the Average Price:
Dividing the total transaction amount by the number of purchases yields an average value of approximately 1.336 million RMB per machine ($206k). Henceforth we can conclude that in 2021 hospitals spent around 1.336 million RMB on purchasing one unit of DR radiology equipment on average.

Looking Ahead – Future Trends:
In accordance with projected data for 2022 provided by medical procurement agencies in China so far (including budgeted prices), there are expected to be around 5,982 purchases totaling approximately 7.97 billion RMB ($123 million). With this information at hand once again dividing the total transaction amount by the number of acquisitions yields an average value close to 1.332 million RMB per machine ($205k). Therefore it can be inferred that in upcoming years hospitals are likely to spend around this sum on acquiring one unit of DR radiology equipment.

Unlocking New Possibilities with Intelligent Solutions:
In recent years within the industry related to DR radiology equipment manufacturing lies one standout player – Perlove Medical Technology Co., Ltd (“Perlove Medical“). Their bed-side series flagship product called PLX5500 high-power mobile digital X-ray system has garnered significant attention due its exceptional capabilities.
The device comes standard with a large-sized wireless flat panel detector measuring at17x17 inches accompanied by a powerful tube capable generating output up-to65 kW power output – making it suitable for mass screenings or continuous capture requirements like pneumonia screening campaigns.
Moreover,the emitted radiation is designed specifically considering diverse patient body types ensuring clear imaging even when dealing patients weighing hundreds kilograms or more!

DR radiography plays an essential role within healthcare facilities for diagnosis purposes.DR imaging has become increasingly popular due its affordability compared CT or MRI scans.
While precise pricing figures may vary depending upon brand,model,and configurations – statistical data allows us estimate approximate averages(around $205k-$206k).
As healthcare providers continue investing technology advancements,it opens doors integration intelligent solutions offered market leaders like Perlove Medical.Formidable products such PLX5500 moving forward redefine possibilities deliver enhanced patient care experiences!


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