Did you know that there is an uncomfortable feeling called “Spring Festival stomach”?


Did you know that there is an uncomfortable feeling called “Spring Festival stomach”?”Spring Festival stomach” refers to the “stomach rupture” caused by irregular diet and overeating during the Spring Festival. When I finally got home, I ate and drank, stayed up late every day, had a good time, played two melon seeds for seven days, and played very good poker and mahjong. Will your stomach be okay in a few days?

3 Tips to Avoid the “Chinese New Year Stomach”

01. Rules of life

Not sleeping at night, not waking up during the day, and eating three meals together will cause damage to the stomach. Stomach dysfunction, leading to indigestion, mainly manifested as flatulence, stomach pain, nausea, acid regurgitation, heartburn and other discomforts, in severe cases.

02. Eat healthy

Eating too many tasty foods at once is too dangerous and can lead to symptoms such as acid reflux, heartburn, and even reflux, nausea, and more. Severe upper abdominal pain after meals must not be a small problem, beware of acute gastroenteritis.

03. Don’t relax your dietary hygiene

It is recommended to cook your own meals at home to ensure that the ingredients are fresh, raw, and better cooked, or go to a reliable brand store and refuse the Sanwu food stalls on the street.

Advantages of PLD5500B dynamic DR gastrointestinal health

PLD5500B dynamic DR is a multifunctional digital X-ray fluoroscopy system that integrates the functions of traditional flat-panel DR and digital gastrointestinal machine. It has all the functions of digital gastrointestinal and DR. It can be used as a digital gastrointestinal machine alone, or as a DR for digital photography of various parts. It can also accurately perform DR photography of the lesion under visual conditions, which is very beneficial Identify subtle lesions.

lDigital gastrointestinal function:suitable for gastrointestinal angiography, such as esophagography, upper gastrointestinal angiography, and total gastrointestinal tract imaging. Mainly suitable for gastroenterology and general surgery.

lDynamic DR gastrointestinal radiography digital imaging greatly improves the clarity, contrast, and resolution of the image, eliminates motion artifacts, and has the advantages of image storage, dynamic imaging and post-processing.

lDynamic DR gastrointestinal angiography can maximize the display of the disease state, and can use dynamic playback to repeatedly observe the functional changes of the corresponding parts after the examination. In the case of dynamic fluoroscopy, you can switch to the tablet point film with one button, and you can get the super-large (17″*17:”) 8 million pixel high-definition image of the lesion, which provides a more reliable diagnosis basis for the clinic.

lWide coverage of table movement Flexible rotary and tilting table movement realize the clinical diagnosis of G.I., ERCP and Urology etc.


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