Digital Motion U-arm X-ray System

Features & Benefits

Multiple configuration
Customized examination

Easy range selection

Frame rate can be up to 30fps

Ultra high inverter frequency(500kHz)

Why choose Digital Motion X-ray?

● Capable of digital radiography, digital fluoroscopy and digital angiography.

● A technique for analyzing dynamic changes based on the transmittance of X-rays.
● Enables clinicians to observe the dynamic motion of anatomical structures over time, enhancingdiagnostic capabilities.

● Digital motion x-ray use leading edge tecnology inmaking detailed and real time images than static images.
● Evaluate the patiens’ condition or recovery effectivelyby observing the dynamic changes of organ function.

Radiography Center

Health Examination Center

orthopedics and Trauma




Digital radiography

General radiography, high kv radiography, oblique position radiography.

Digital fluoroscopy

Chest and abdominal fluoroscopy, foreign body localization and removal.

Digital angiography

Esophagogram, intravenous pyelography,T-tube cholangiogram, salpingography.

Digital spot imaging(DSI)

Spot imaging in milliseconds, high definition image acquisition to accurately target the lesions.

Safety control
Accurate and efficient

● The pioneer usher in intelligent radiation dose monitoring system.
● Synchronous dose monitoring system, guaranteeing more accurate diagnosis.

● Automatically control mAs in a more efficient way.
● Automatically adjust the brightness through different body part.
● Simplify operation and improve overall effeciency.

● A variety of perspective modes are available.
● Extremely fast exposure, reducing image noise and improving sharpness.
● Significantly reduce radiation dose and take care of the health of doctors and patients.

Feature enhancements
Ultimate experience

Cardiothoracic ratio is a common indicator for evaluating cardiac enlargement, and is mostly used for diagnosis of exclusion or follow-up evaluation of patients.(For example, if the cardiothoracic ratio is found to be enlarged during the examination, further examination can be carried out in com-bination with the medical history and symptoms to confirm the diagnosis)

Spinal measurement can visually display the overall anato-mical shape and scoliosis position of the spine, judge the balance and flexibility of the spine, and have certain value in the diagnosis, preoperative evaluation, and postoperative judgment of scoliosis.

● Panoramic images of full spine, full lower limbs.
● Accurate measurements of preoperative planning and postoperative surgery.
● One-step radiography, providing more reliable diagnostic basis for clinical practice.

Cloud Image lnterconnection

● The system brings convenience to staff by multiple intelligence control modes, simple and fast control interface and efficient image collection will acceler-ate the speed and improve accuracy of clinical radiography.
● Meet the different requirements of outpatient, eme-rgency, physical examination on different cases.

● High standard software system, faster image acqui-sition, improved workflow continuity and overall inspection quality.3-5 seconds speed conversion,1-2 seconds faster than similar DR, offering faster examine experience for clinic.
● Fast automatic image processing.
● Automatic image output.

Certifications- CE,ISO Approved

● The system can be maintained remotely, it can perform fault self-diagnosis and display fault codes, quickly and accurately determine the fault status and has self-protection functions.
● lt can share information with PACS system, bring benefits for remote diagnosis.

Digital Motion U-arm X-ray System

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