Digital Radiography Floor Mounted Series

Large size touch user interface Easy exposure control

Graphical anatomy program

The system offers an easy-to-understand visual logic for intuitive exposure parameter setting.

3D positioning guidance

Creating a 3D positioning image to help the patient for fast and accurate positioning guidance.

Self-adaptive screen

Screen auto rotation between table and bucky stand, offering easy and convenient operation.

Data synchronization

Exposure parameters synchronization between touch screen interface and workstation, speeding up your workflow in daily routine. 

Emergency mode

Allowing instant exposure for fast examination,saving valuable time for emergency workflow.

DAP monitoring

Real time DAP monitering is available,measuring actual dose level and displaying on the console.

Intelligent system control makes your operation easier

Auto stitching (Option)

Captured image can be automatically stitched together by the system, giving a long image that extend across the larger areas of the body.

In-tray charging

Built-in charging port in both bucky stand and bucky table can always speed up workflow with fast charging.

Auto focusing (Option)

The focal point of X ray tube automatically zoom in on the detector, no requiring manual operafion.

Auto tracking (Option)

Synchronized vertical travel of X ray tube and bucky unit,providing fast positioning for examinafion.

Auto exposure control

Automatically controlling the amount of total radiation to ensure a befter image quality.

Smooth positioning at complex angle for radiography

Floor-mounted tube support and fixed table

Radiography in both standing position and various orthopedic position.

Flexible X ray tube movement

Free rotation of X ray tube enables different angle of radiography for complex orthopedic position,allowing easy positioning for patient on wheelchair and stretcher.

4-way floating bucky table

Long table floating range makes easy radiography for every desired anatomy of human body.

Long vertical travel of X ray tube

The X ray tube travels in long vertical distance.35cm minimum distance between X ray tube and floor makes it possible for ankle radiography in weight bearing position.

Flexibility of grids

Equipped with two removable grids for bucky stand (focal distance=1.8m)and bucky table (focal distance=1.0m), dedicating for chest radiography and table radiography.

Rich options for clinical application

Multiple bucky table options

Three available options of bucky table:mobile type,fixed type and lifting type.
The lifting table is able to lower to a minimum of 50cm,maximizing your focus on patient care.

High inverter frequency generator

  • Self-developed high voltage generator provides high quality and stable X ray.
  • Unique mobile design maximize your spacial layout.

High performance X ray tube

  • X ray tube with high heat capacity and high speed anode rotation.
  • Extending your workflow with stable image quality in a variety of clinical application.

High end panel detector

  • High spacial resolution imaging detector brings crystal clear image with delicate details.
  • Flexible configuration and option:mobile or wireless, single or double, it’s all up to you.

Ambitous workstation

  • Image workstations expand your diagnosis with versatile features:e.g.cardiothoracic ratio measurement, and position measurement.

Selected components contributes to excellent image quality

High efficient image system delivers effortless interaction

Registered exposure programs

The system can register up to hundreds of exposure parameters regard to different anatomies and positions, making it always easy for radiography examination.

Fast imaging

The system can automatically process the acquired image, bring clear image with speed and improving examination efficiency.

Image post-process

Performing post-processing immediately after acquiring each image based on preset image database,ensuring the best image quality.

Remote data sharing

Seamless interconnection between PACS and image workstation,remote data sharing.

One push on/off switch

Fast boot up at the press of one button,making it extremely simple and convenient for examination.

Barrier-free communication

Radiologist can give instructions to the patient or adjust the parameters outside of the X ray room through the workstation table.

Certifications-CE, ISO Approved

● The system can be maintained remotely, it can perform fault self-diagnosis and display fault codes, quickly and accurately determine the fault status and has self-protection functions.
● lt can share information with PACS system, bring benefits for remote diagnosis.

Digital Radiography Floor Mounted Series

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