Do you know what type of bed is used for orthopedic surgery?


The bed used in orthopedic surgery is also called orthopedic surgical traction bed, which consists of two departments: surgical bed and traction frame.

Commonly used orthopedic surgical beds, divided into stainless steel and carbon fiber material, of which the carbon fiber material is also known as C-arm special surgical beds, suitable for C-arm equipment involved in various types of orthopedic surgery among.

The carbon fiber composite material of orthopedic surgical beds is characterized by high strength, low density and very low X-ray absorption. In the field of medical radiology, carbon fiber composite material is often used as a skin, the middle of the foam core of the “sandwich” structure as a support for the patient and to ensure a high rate of radiation transmission of medical bed board. Compared with traditional bed boards, carbon fiber medical boards for orthopedic surgical beds have advantages in X-ray transmittance, imaging clarity, strength and stiffness.

Perlove Medical Orthopedic Surgical Robot + Carbon Fiber Surgical Bed

C-arm X-ray machine, CT machine and other medical scanning equipment diagnosis and treatment accuracy and medical bed board X-ray transmission ability has a constant relationship. X-ray transmission rate of medical bed board can reduce the radiation dose, the radiation damage to the patient and health care personnel will be reduced; at the same time, imaging clarity, diagnostic accuracy can be guaranteed.

Measure the medical board X-ray transmission rate of the parameter is the aluminum equivalent, the smaller the aluminum equivalent, the better the X-ray transmittance, carbon fiber surgical bed of aluminum equivalent is only 11% of the aluminum alloy board, even if it is used as a medical bed board of carbon fiber foam sandwich panels of the aluminum equivalent is also extremely low. And carbon fiber resin composite material composition elements for C, H, O, the absorption of X-rays is relatively small, these are to ensure that the carbon fiber medical bed board X-ray high transmittance (up to 97% or more).

In addition to the transmittance rate and the support strength of the bed board, orthopedic medical surgical beds also need to take into account the service life. Carbon fiber belongs to non-metallic materials, low electrochemical activity, excellent corrosion resistance, in the process of diagnosis and treatment, alcohol, drugs, blood stains, etc. basically will not cause any corrosion damage to the carbon fiber medical boards, but also to achieve the sterile orthopedic medical requirements. And bear the weight is large, can be repeated to bear the weight.

Therefore, carbon fiber surgical beds are often used as the “golden partner” of C-arms, which are put into use in medical orthopedic surgeries, especially the difficult surgeries with the participation of spinal surgery robots.


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