Dynamic Digital Radiography Ceiling Suspended

Features & Benefits

Multiple Applications
Contribute for Accurate Diagnosis

Applicable for all body parts radiography.

It is suitable for fluoroscopy of various parts of the body.

Partial angiography, such as esophagography, pyelography, salpingography.

Obtain high-definition images and accurately capture lesions.

High Performance and Intelligent

Rich Options for Clinical Application

● Two available options of bucky table: mobile type and lifting type. The lifting table is
able to lower to a minimum of 56cm, maximizing the focus on patient care.

● Self-developed high voltage generator provides
high quality and stable X-ray.
● Unique mobile design maximizes the spacial

● X-ray tube with high heat capacity and high
speed anode rotation.
● Extending the workflow with stable image quality
in a variety of clinical application.

● High special resolution imaging detector brings crystal clear image with delicate details.
● Standard high-resolution dynamic flat-panel detector.

Multifunctional Suspension Frame Design

Intelligent table lifting/descending function supply convenience for doctors and patients with poor mobility.

The detector and tube are automatically tracked in both directions without manual correction. Motorized changeover between chest and bed position, with a single button.

The tube and chest radiography frame can move longitudinally in a wide range, and the center of the flat panel detector is at least 35 cm away from the ground, which easily meets the requirements of low radiography such as knee joint and ankle joint.

The tube can be rotated in a full range of angles to meet the needs of all parts of the body, with a special tilted projection position,
The bull’s head can be rotated to meet the needs of special patients.

The suspension is equipped with both manual and electric modes, meet the different operation habit for the medical staff.

10.4 Inch Touch Screen Control System

Equipped with intelligent touch control and operation system, it can quickly display movement information and complete exposure parameter adjustment by the bedside, improving work efficiency.

The setup image can be automatically generated by selecting the shooting site to guide the patient to quickly and accurately complete the setup.

● Emergency cases can be created with one click.
● Exposure parameters synchronization between touch screen interface and workstation, speeding up the workflow in daily routine.

● Auto rotation between table and bucky stand, offering easy and convenient operation.

● Quickly select and preset the required field of
view and save the setup time.
● One-touch switching the beam range is efficient
and convenient.
● The radiation field can be automatically adjusted,
safe and efficient without radiation.

Intelligent Control System Improve Work Efficiency

The focal point of the X-ray tube automatically zooms in on the detector, no requiring manual operation.

Automatically controlling the amount of total radiation to ensure a better image quality.

Easy full spine and full lower extrimities radiography, improving diagnostic efficiency.

Built-in charging port in both bucky stand and bucky table can always speed up workflow with fast charging.

Precision and Efficiency

● The pioneer usher in intelligent radiation dose monitoring system.
● Intelligent dose monitor system can record the dose of single examination and manage the radiation dose absorption of patients scientifically and effectively.
● Intelligent dose monitor system, friendly to user’s health.

● Intelligent control exposure time, more efficient.
● Intelligent control of light sensitivity according to different parts.
● Reduces operational difficulties and shortens
the workflow.
● Lonization chamber is an indispensable hardware support for radiography automation.

● The workstation integrates the functions of image transmission, image processing, image measurement, report storage and printing. It greatly optimizes the workflow and effectively assists in disease diagnosis.
● Optional diagnostic workstation supports
various measurement tools such as CT value and positioning line measurement to provide more professional diagnosis.

Cardiothoracic ratio is a common index used to evaluate cardiac enlargement, and is mostly used for exclusion diagnosis or follow-up evaluation of patients’ conditions .

Spine measurement can directly display the overall anatomical shape of the spine and the
location of scoliosis, determine the balance and flexibility of the spine.

Applicable to the examination of various parts of the body of different body sizes and ages.

Dynamic Digital Radiography Ceiling Suspended

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