Dynamic FPD Radiography and Fluoroscopy System-PLD8000B


Perlove medical has recently launched the new Dynamic Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy System——PLD8000B.It is more flexible and efficient that provides larger image as well as more smart functions.

High Performance and lntelligent
Digital Fluoroscopy
● Applicable for all body parts fluoroscopy check
Digital radiography with contrast agent
● Gastrointenstinal tract radiography, salpingography.
Precise Digital Spot Film
● Obtain high-definition images and accurately capture lesions during fluoroscopy, avoiding missed diagnoses or misdiagnosis caused by blind shots.
360° rotation foot pedal
●Improve workflow efficiency.
●Pulse fluoroscopy
● Instant exposure, low noise
● Low dose, less radiation harm

Automatic stitching function (Optional)
● Full spine, full lower limbs panoramic images
● Accurate measurements for preoperative planning and postoperative review in deformity correction surgery

● One-step radiography, providing reliable diagnostic basis for clinical practice
DAP (Optional)
● Intelligent dose monitor system Friendly to user’s health

AEC (Optional)
● High level ionization chambrer
● Intelligent control of exposure, more efficient
● Intelligent control of light sensitivity

Intelligent operation
● Human-friendly workstation design
● Intelligent control, visual display,
● convenient and efficient.

Cloud Image Interconnection
DAP – Dose visualized, safety assured(Optional)

● The pioneer usher in intelligent radiation dose monitoring system
● Synchronous dose monitoring system of hardware and software, guaranteeing more accurate diagnosis

Pulsed fluoroscopy – Low dose and sharp images
● Multiple fluoroscopy modes
● Instant exposure
● Lower dose to protect doctors and patients
● Tube wigwagging freely radiography for patella, jawbone and sacrum

Stable and Reliable Image Chain
Self-developed ultra-high frequency and high voltage generator
● Good X-ray source
● Strong penetration ability
● Low-dose radiation
● Stable performance
● High-quality image
● High efficiency

lmported high-quality X-ray tube
● Large heat capacity
● High rotate speed of X-ray tube
● Suitable for long time and high-intensity work
● Have long service life

Flexible flat panel detector
● Standard high-resolution dynamic flat-panel

Removable dual grid
● Removable grid for reducing radiation
● Designed for pediatrics

Innovation and breakthrough, only for clinical. Perlove medical is committed to providing patients with more high-quality medical equipments and more optimized clinical solutions to protect every equal and precious life.


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