Dynamic FPD Radiography and Fluoroscopy System

Features & Benefits

Stable and Reliable Image Chain

● Good X-ray source
● Strong penetration ability
● Low-dose radiation
● Stable performance
● High-quality image
● High efficiency

● Large heat capacity
● High rotate speed of X-ray tube
● Suitable for long time and high-intensity work
● Have long service life

● Standard high-resolution dynamic flat-panel

● Removable grid for reducing radiation
● Designed for pediatrics

High Performance and Intelligent

● ascend or descend ina large range low ground clearance
● convenient to move patients, reduce patients pain

● Wide liting range
● special angiographic examination
● Lower dose to protect doctors and patients

● Large Scale movement of detector
● radiography of different body parts

● SID can electrically strech to 1.8m
meet the needs of special clinical radiography

High Performance and Intelligent

● Instant exposure, reduce image noise and improve clarity
● reduce the radiation dose

● Correction of panoramic photography
● reliable diagnosis basis for clinic

● Intelligent radiation dose monitoring
● Care for the health of patients and doctors
● Simultaneous monitoring with back-end interconnection

● High level ionization chambrer
● Intelligent control of exposure, more efficient
● Intelligent control of light sensitivity

● Intelligent workstation with humanized design
● Intelligent control, intuitive display, fficient and fast

Diversified Clinical Use

● The system can be maintained remotely, it can perform fault self-diagnosis and display the fault code quickly and accurately determine the fault status and has self-protection function.
● lt can share information with PACS system, bring benefits for remote diagnosis.

PLD8000C Dynamic FPD Radiography and Fluoroscopy System

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