Expended FOV and wireless connection——Upgraded mobile FPD c-arm system PLX118WF PLUS


Wireless data transmission

Flexible mobility

Convenient and easy wireless connection

Wireless connection and communication between C-arm and monitor cart, ensuring maximum flexibility  

Fast and stable data transmission

High speed Wifi router with uninterrupted and large signal coverage, providing fast and stable data transmission.

Upgraded FPD 

Expanded FOV

Expanded fifield of view helps to reduce exposure times

Two available FPD options (21cm x 21cm / 23.6cm x 23.6cm) for PLX118WF Plus.  Larger FPD expands the field of view by more than 25% compared to conventional FPD. In the surgery which  has large image size requirement, larger FPD helps to reduce the number of images been taken due to  insufficient field of view, thus making it better lesion targeting and surgical planning for physician.


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