Farewell to 2020—New Year,New Beginning


New year’s day, the first day of the Gregorian calendar, is commonly known as the “new year” in most countries in the world. People call it “元旦”in Chinese. “元” means “new beginning”, and the beginning of every number is called “元”; “旦” means “day”.“元旦” means “initial day”.

New Year’s Day marks the beginning of 2021 and a farewell to 2020.

2020 is an extraordinary year to witness history.          

The Covid-19 broke out nationwide in the early 2020.

China entered an emergency epidemic situation. Perlove Medical works overtime to deliver equipment and supplies to those area in need. After the overall situation of the COVID-19 in China is easing, there is a trend of large outbreaks in the worldwide. Perlove Medical immediately took action to fully support the United Nations to help global epidemic prevention and control.

New difficulties also mean new opportunities.

Under the epidemic, Perlove Medical actively changed its promotion strategy from offline to online. In addition to online exhibitions such as RSNA and Medica, live broadcasting was also carried out. Although can’t go abroad to meet our customers and partners, we keep close contact with them by zoom meetings. At the same time, we try to visit the embassy and establish cooperation with them. Our products and services are recognized by many ambassadors.

So far, the global epidemic has not been effectively controlled. But we firmly believe that as long as the people of the world unitetogether, they will be able to tide over this disaster.

On December 29th, Nanjing ushered in the last snow of 2020. There is an old Chinese saying called “auspicious snow heralds a bumper year”. We believe that in 2021, Perlove Medical will do better and the world will take on a new look.


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