Fighting against COVID-19 for Nepal with Chinese Ministry of Affairs.


Covid-19 as a global crisis, has brought huge changes & challenges to us.Perlove as one of the biggest manufacturers for X-ray system, is the National designated supplier for X-ray system. Many Chinese public hospitals and foreign governments as well as United Nations had ordered huge quantity of mobile DR(Digital Radiography System) from us. We deliver the equipment on time, and these mobile DR helped effectively on early diagnose of Covid-19–which is a very important work to divide the patiens who are infected by Covid-19, and who are just infected by common virus.

Our new type of Mobile Digital X-ray machine PLX5100 is commonly used to combat Covid-19 all over the world.It has compact portable design with flexible movement, can reduce the cross infection from busy reception in a fixed X-ray.

1. Applications

Perlove’s mobile x-ray systems facilitate exceptional care at the patient bedside, in the emergency department, operating rooms, ICU or wherever general x-ray is needed. Designed for smooth, quiet, speedy travel with the technologist throughout the hospital, Perlove’s portables offer exceptional ease-of-use and versatility.

2.Core Advantages

Proper size and compact frame, can be moved smoothly and steadily between the beds in ward, emergency room, ICU, respiratory department and CDC

  • PLX5100 uses lightweight materials, the weight of the whole machine is less than 150KG, innovative mechanical design, light and flexible to move; dislocation brake system, safe and reliable braking.
  • Equipped with large size, low energy consumption, portable mobile wireless flat panel detector.
  • The workstation adopts DR special image acquisition and processing software, supports DICOM service, convenient to operate.Sharp Image, accurate diagnose
  • Equiped with high frequency inverter technology to ensure high X-ray quality, low radiation dose and sharp image. The early diagnose is very critical in fighting with Covid-19, which makes the mobile DR very necessary in each hospital.

Fighting against COVID-19 for Nepal with Chinese Ministry of Affairs.Perlove Medical ,always with you!


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