FIME and Perlove back to Miami !


In June 2019, there was a great medical exhibition in Miami, Perlove and FIME came back again with many professional exhibitors and visitors.

Perlove medical(Cheap HF digital radiography system) has attended FIME during the past 6 years, a lot of old friends and new clients came and visited Perlove stand.

From June 26 to 28, we received more than 100 clients from the North America and Latin America, even the old friend from Nigeria. We spent time to share the experience and talk about the future.

More and more distributors know Perlove brand, and more engineers and doctors have used Perlove equipment. Perlove is getting famous in Latin America, we thank for your appreciation and trusts.(x ray digital equipment with CE)

Congratulations to FIME Exhibition 2019, and we trust Perlove can do more in Latin America.


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