For digital gastrointestinal machine DSI spot screen can not adjust the image how to do?


Digital gastrointestinal machine is used to check the gastrointestinal diseases of the X-ray examination equipment, when the gastrointestinal machine equipment malfunction, the first to analyze the cause of the malfunction, and then look for ways to trouble.

Today Nanjing Perlove medical to share a digital gastrointestinal machine failure repair case: a digital gastrointestinal machine fluoroscopy is normal, DSI point film screen image area all black, no point film image, adjust the window width, window position, adjust the image.

Digital gastrointestinal machine failure cause analysis.

① the machine consists of two major components, the host part and the image part, the first to determine the fault in which part of the host is not exposed or host exposure image system does not collect.

② first look at the host point film exposure, select the DSI point film mode, the CR image board into the film magazine for point film, the results of normal exposure, the host should be no problem. And then check the image department, enter the image system diagnostic program for software testing and correction, when the CCD camera aperture correction, showing that the aperture is stuck, the other parts are normal, the fault should be in the camera. Remove the camera, and then aperture correction, with software to correct the size of the aperture, found that the aperture does not move, it can be concluded that the failure is caused by the aperture out of control.

③ tape to seal the lens, in order to prevent damage to the CCD chip, remove the camera shell for careful observation, found that the aperture scaling for a micro-motor driven by a gear, a potentiometer at the front end of the motor, the sliding contact with the gear set in the motor shaft, sliding contacts for a group of fine wire, has been deformed and poor contact with the carbon film, and the motor shaft connection has been loose, between the gear and the motor shaft has been loosened, so far, the point of failure! Have been found.

Digital gastrointestinal machine

Digital gastrointestinal machine fault repair method:

From the above, it can be seen that it is due to the gear and the shaft is loose, resulting in the aperture can not be reduced, which led to the potentiometer damage. Troubleshooting the best way to replace the micro-motor-potentiometer assembly, try to repair, remove the lens and other components, (should be operated in the dark light) and then the CCD light-sensitive part of the cover, the sliding contacts shaping, to a good position, and use the glue to fix it and the gear to the motor rotor shaft, to be gelatinized to restore the camera, mounted on the machine, the test machine, the DSI spot film is normal, and then adjust the center of the image, the aperture correction. The machine returns to normal.

Warm reminder: users in the use of digital gastrointestinal machine, if you encounter equipment failure, should contact the manufacturer in a timely manner, after-sales consulting or repair and replacement.

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