Happy housewarming make efforts to be strong!


March 5, 2020, is a day worthy of remembrance and celebration for Perlove Medical. Through the efforts of all staff, Nanjing Perlove Medical Equipment Co., Ltd officially moved its new plant. The former sales center is a glorious position bearing Perlove Medical for 17 years. Its birth is a milestone in the history of Perlove Medical.

New capacity

The new factory is three times the original production base, with production workshops, office areas, parts warehouses, finished product warehouses, etc. covering a total area of more than 70,000 square meters. The production capacity of the new factory will be 20,000 units /year

New exhibition hall

The new exhibition hall changes from the traditional product display in the past to the space scene display, which not only showed the appearance of the equipment, but also felt the details of the machine.

New team &New technology

As a brand new start, we will research and produce more high-end new products, build a larger overseas sales and after-sales team, and provide new and old customers and partners with better product technology and more timely services.

At this time of the relocation, Perlove Medical will use this relocation as a new starting point, rely on leading technology research and development strength, and use advanced products and equipment as tools to continue to make great strides towards the global medical imaging market and continue to improve ” The brand influence of “Smart Manufacturing in China” helps global medical imaging development.

Invitation:Hope that new and old customers can come to our company to visit and guide, and we will also hold more training and promotion activities in the new factory, please look forward to!

New address: No. 97 Wangxi Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing


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