Has there been any increase in clinical radiation dose from large flat panel C-arms?


With the continuous development of digital medical imaging technology, more advanced digital flat C-arm came into being, whether it is for orthopedics, trauma surgery and other surgical imaging diagnosis and treatment, or pain, medical aesthetics and other accurate positioning, its radiation dose is lower, the effective imaging area is larger, the quality of imaging is higher, and it can avoid the image distortion due to the migration of electrons, and better meet the needs of clinical use.

At present, some leading digital medical imaging equipment manufacturers have achieved considerable results in the research of flat C-arm image quality optimization program by using highly sophisticated imaging materials and dynamic image optimization enhancement noise reduction technology. Perlove Medical has been deeply cultivating in the field of C-arm X-ray machine for many years, and owns a number of related invention patents and mature technologies. Now, PUAI integrates advanced technology and launches PLX119C integrated large flatbed C-arm, which brings wider field of view and clearer images.

Integrated large flatbed C-arm machine

At present, we all know that PLX119C has the advantages of large flat panel and integration, so how do these advantages manifest themselves in the clinic? Is there any increase in radiation dose due to the increase of the flat panel? Let’s take a look next.

Integrated rack design

PLX119C integrated large plate C-arm – integrated design

PLX119C integrated large flat panel C-arm has a small footprint of about one square meter, which can be adapted to a variety of crowded and complex surgical environments and save surgical space;

Say goodbye to the workstation and cable constraints, so that the equipment is more flexible and lightweight, one person can easily implement the machine, avoiding the safety hazards caused by messy cables and expensive maintenance costs.

Multi-functional Touch Screen

PLX119C integrated large flatbed C-arm–Multi-functional touch operation screen

PLX119C integrated large plate C-arm adopts 11.6-inch multifunctional touch screen, with large icon size, accurate touch control and easy operation;

The touch screen is highly sensitive and can be operated with surgical gloves;

The screen can be rotated at a large angle, which is convenient for doctors to operate the touch control from all directions of the machine.

Convenient operation

PLX119C Integrated Large Plate C-Arm – Automatic Hovering

The C-arm stops as it glides along the track, and the device automatically maintains balance, greatly improving the operating experience during clinical positioning.

Multiple Radiation Protection

PLX119C Integrated Large Plate C-Arm – Low radiation leakage under loaded state

PLX119C integrated large plate C-arm displays the exposed dose on the image in real time, which makes it easy for doctors to grasp the radiation situation and effectively control the dose intake;

The leakage radiation under the loading state of the radiation tube is lower than the FDA standard and CFDA standard, only about one-third of the industry standard! There is no increase in radiation dose due to the larger flat panel.

PLX119C Flat Panel C-Arm – Large Size Flat Panel

The PLX119C utilizes a new flat panel detector with fully upgraded parameters:

Larger size, up to 30cm x 30cm, 120% larger than the traditional shadow increase imaging range, bringing doctors a broader field of vision;

Better performance, with higher spatial resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, superior imaging performance, bringing doctors clearer images.

PLX119C integrated large plate C-arm can be used in orthopedics, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, trauma surgery, urology, spine surgery, pain surgery, gastroenterology, oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, etc., with the standby transitions of the gridless electricity, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment.


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