HF Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy System (Dynamic DRF System)

Features & Benefits

PLD9200 is the next generation remote controlled RF system designed for maximum patient throughput and application flexibility. In the demanding environment of your imaging department, PLD9200 is one step ahead in the direction of efficiency. A perfect mix of flexibility, ease of use, image quality and connectivity allow you to get the best out your RF room.

One system, two applications

PLD9200 DRF goes beyond the separation between radiography and fluoroscopy, the innovative dynamic flat panel detector operates as a full digital modality for both high resolution radiography and high frame rate fluoroscopy.

Attention to details with the utmost care

  • Various humanized designs provide the most comfortable experience of patient.
  • Flexible movement of each part of table meets the demand of different clinic examination.
  • -90°~90°symmetrical tilting and the smoothly speed column tilting technology promise the most comfort of patient.

Clear and smooth Accurate diagnosis

Image optimization function will compensate the difference of X-ray absorption automatically to increase the visibility of details.

The innovative dynamic flat panel detector delivers sharp and accurate images to support your diagnosis and is not affected by geometric distortion, up to 30 frames/second acquisition speed in fluoroscopy.

Optional function of dual energy subtraction provides accurate diagnostic images and improves the diagnosis rate.

Reprogrammable image processing system together with automatic image optimize help you get the high definition diagnostic images.

The generator, table control and flat panel detector are perfectly integrated through the workstation, to realize the automatic image stitching function.

Optional equipped with image stitching function for convenient clinical diagnosis.

HF Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy System (Dynamic DRF System)

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