HF Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy System (Dynamic Flat Panel Detector For R/F)

Features & Benefits

PLD9600 is the next generation remote controlled RF system designed for maximum patient throughput and application flexibility.
In the demanding environment of your imaging department, PLD9600 is one step ahead in the direction of efficiency, a perfect mix of flexibility, ease of use, innage quality and connectivity allow you to get the best out your RF room.

  • No limit speed control technology
  • 16bits dynamic acquisition range
  • Large size color LCD touch screen control
  • Super high frequency inverter technology
  • 17”. 17” large size flat panel
  • Composite target and dual-focus technology

One system, two applications

PLD9600 DRF goes beyond the separation between radiography and fluoroscopy, the innovative dynamic flat panel detector operates as a full digital modality for both high resolution radiography and high frame rate fluoroscopy.

Dynamic digital flat panel technology

The innovative dynamic flat panel detector delivers sharp and accurate images to support your diagnosis and is not affected by geometric distortion, up to 30 frames/second acquisition speed in fluoroscopy.

Comparison between flat panel detector and image intensifier

High definition
Optimized image system provides high-definition images, improves the image's quality at lowest radiation dose.
Comparison between different gray scales

Integrated control system, simplify the workflow

Reprogrammable image processing system together with automatic image optimize help you get the high definition diagnostic images.

High efficiency
With its full DICOM connectivity, PLD9600 easily integrates into PACS networks for quick and effective workflow management and image distribution

The fully digital image processing and the high dynamic range compensate for exposure variances and allow extensive possibilities to optimize the exposure and processing parameters according to your preferences.

Filmless environment, you can create CD’s and DVD’s directly from the console with the integrated CD/DVD writer.

Image optimization function will compensate the difference of X-ray absorption automatically to increase the visibility of details.

Care about details

The outstanding versatility of PLD9600 provides a perfect balance between operational efficiency and patient comfort.

  • To facilitate the transfer and positioning of patients, the table can be lowered down to 60cm, delivering immediate benefit for small patients or disabled persons.
  • The AGS function auto grid selection—automatically selects one of two grids to match the SID(110cm/180cm)

-90° ~ 90° symmetrical tilting and the speed of 0-6° per second column tilting technology promise the most comfort of patient.

The wide scanning range of spot film device and image system provides complete patient coverage without the need for longrtudinal tabletop movement, resulting in faster positioning and better patient comfort.

Automatic folding ultra-large compressor enlarged the compression area, decrease the discomfort of patient.

Satisfy the requirements of multi body parts

The large tabletop size and the patient weight capacity without restrictions of the table movements open the way to bariatric patients.

The field of view can be extended to the edge of table to realize the seat position exam.

Multi_function foot panel can also be used as seat for patient to do special position radiography

The high frame rate for precise investigation of the upper G.l. tract and swallow studies.

Powerful expanding service

Wigwag range of X-ray tube assembly pillar can achieve +40/-40o , easy to complete tilt photography inspection.

Optional DSA function is supplied for peripheral angiography.

ptional equipped with Image stitching function for convenient clinical diagnosis

Technical Parameters

Power supplyVoltage380V±38V
Internal Resistor≤0.11Ω
Power Output65kW
lnverter Frequency200kHz
RadiographyTube Voltage40kV~150kV
Tube Current10mA~800mA
Exposure time1.0ms~6300ms
Control interfaceTouched LCD Screen
FluoroscopyTube Voltage40kV~125kV
Tube CurrentContinuous fluoroscopy:0.5mA~6mA
Pulse fluoroscopy 0.5~20mA
Pulse fluoroscopy 0.5~20mA
Automatic brightness for fluoroscopy IBSAutomatic brightness tracking, multiple settings beforehand

Medical Diagnostic X-ray System

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