PLD5500E PLD6600D 
HF Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy System

Features & Benefits


Suitable for all human body parts Radiography such as decubitus, anteroposterior and lateral radiography of head, chest, abdomen, lumbar, limbs e.t.c.

Suitable for fluoroscopy of all body parts (chest,abdomen e.t.c), positioning under fluoroscopy,digital spot radiography under fluoroscopy, high speed dynamic image acquisition.Mainly used in medical department,internal medicine, surgery, orthopedic, trauma department,emergency department e.t.c.

Suitable for gastrointestinal imaging, such as esophagography, upper gastrointestinal imaging and full gastrointestinal imaging. Mainly used in department of gastroenterology.

Snap shot,Green Shot

High output power generator, large heat capacity tube,millisecond exposure time, fast imaging speed,low radiation dose.
High voltage radiography,short exposure time and low dose with high quality image.
Smooth dynamic check and playback, no image distortion, static image can be used for flat panel detector digital spot.
Clearer image and less radiation comparing with CcD detector.
With the advanced pulse fluoroscopy technology and hardware facilities, our equipment can achieve high standards with minimum dosage.

4modes fluoroscopy

High definition and sharp imaging provide reliable diagnostic basis for clinical application

Conventional Csl with pasting technology may become loose over time, which will decline the image quality.

Convenient and safe motorized movement

Comfortable Clinical Diagnose

The large-size FPD uses full plate structure of new-generation A-si Csl screen.The crystal material on the detector is made into the shape of pine needles,planted on the A-si.The Csl is very stable and will not loose to affect the image quality.
lt adopts integrated software of radiography and fluoroscopy to easily realize photography and dynamic fluoroscopy,providing reliable basis for clinical diagnosis and improving the diagnosis accuracy.The operation is easy and convenient.

Large-scale tube swing to meet special angle photography requirement,such as neck and foot-tilt photography.

Motorized tube stand provides wide-range SlD and get high definition image.

Ultra-large angle table motorization, favorable to spinal canal angiography, and various kind of special examinations.

wide horizontal table movement make it easier to check various parts, especially for the patients of large area fractures.

PLD5500E / PLD6600D HF Digital Radiography & Fluoroscopy System

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