High Frequency Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy System

Features & Benefits

Revolution of Radiology Imaging Comprehensive Diagnosis

All-in-one machine with superior performance.
Human-friendly design to ensure sharp images, flexible operation, safety use and multiple clinical applications.

Ultra-clear Image Chain System Rich in Detail, Easy to Diagnose

Equipped with a high-performance 100um FPD, clinical images become clearer, tiny lesions are easy to be observed, and high-quality imaging of complex bones and soft tissues can be ensured, such as chest, abdomen, and spinal joints.

Using self-developed high-power
High-frequency and high-voltage generator, up to 100kw
Providing stable and high-quality X-rays for clinical radiography

X-ray tube ≥1000kHu
Providing long-term continuous operation
Satisfying various clinical demands of hospitals

Real-time automatic image processing
More time-saving automatic optimization
Capturing more tiny lesions

27-inch high-definition monitor with 3M display resolution
Presenting clear images
Restoring lesion details to meet the needs of clinical diagnosis

Intelligent Design More Efficient Operation

Intelligent positioning, one key switch between standing and lying positions Efficient clinical photography for multi-position switching

Real-time adjustment of positioning, precise and convenient control

Equipped with a gravity sensor
The display adaptively rotated according to the positioning direction
Convenient for bedside observation and operation

Small footprint
Easy installation
Suitable for a variety of clinical solutions

Smart Dose Control Care for Doctors and Patients

Auto adjustment of exposure parameters according to body parts and body thickness lntelligent control of exposure,more efficient and safer

Removable grid for reducing radiation
Designed for pediatrics and dose-sensitive people

Standard wireless high-resolution dynamic FPDs,17″x17″ and 17″x19″, with wider Fov Reducing exposure time and unnecessary exposures

Leakage radiation in the loading state of X-ray tube far more lower than CFDA and FDA standard Providing better protection from the x-ray source

lntelligent radiation dose monitoring
care for the health of patients and doctors

Versatile Application

Dynamic fluoroscopy by advanced high frame rate dynamic FPD
Multi-angle dynamic observation of overlapping or covered lesions
lmproving the accuracy of screening and diagnosis

Clear display of contrast esophagography, cystoradiography, etc.
obtaining high-definition images and accurately capturing lesions during fluoroscopy

High inverter frequency,higher power output,better X-ray quality
The greater the heat capacity,the longer the service time, the more suitable for high-intensive clinical examination;

Automatically completing segmented image acquisition
Stitched images with unified brightness and contrast by AEC and image equalization algorithms

Clinical Images

High Frequency Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy System

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