PLD7300E PLD7700C PLD7800C
High Frequency Digital Radiography System Equipment

Features & Benefits


Digital system for different anatomic regions,such as head, chest,abdomen, limbs etc.

● Digital Storage: Quick and convenient, save the cost comparing with traditional film storage.
● lmage Edition: Multi—grade denoise, LIH, negative & positive images, image reverse and so on.
● Medical History Management: Database management, Graphic reports, Support WORKLIST.
● Digital Printer: can be connect with laser printer to print film.
● Digital Network: Support DICOM 3.0 and PACS network in hospital.

Excellent quality


Convenient digital image network

Excellent digital imaging processing system for more efficient workflow

DICOM 3.0 networking interface for seamless integration lInto your PACS or RlS system.

● DigitalStorage:Quick and convenient,save the cost Comparing with traditional film storage 
● lmage Process:Multi-grade denoise, LlH, negative & positive images,image reverse and so on
● Medical History Management:Database management, Graphicreports, Support WORKLIST
● Digital Printer: can be connect with laser printer to print film.
● Digital Network:Support DICOM 3,0 and PACSnetwork in hospital.


Powerful digital image system

● Tissue equalization.
● Preset several examination modes to meet different departments use.
● ESA(exam specific algorithm)
● Option:AEC(Automatic exposure control) ensures auto selection of radiographic factors, saves time, eliminates retakes, increases diagnostic capability and lower the radiation dose.

HF Digital Ceiling Suspended Radiography System PLD7300E / PLD7700C / PLD7800C

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