High Frequency Digital Radiography System 

Features & Benefits

Integrated DR System Reliable performance, excellent image

1. Compact monoblock designed independently, easy to install in narrowest space.
2. Full-auto kV and mAs calibration to ensure accurate output dosage.
3. Low skin dose, sharp image, high contrast.

1. Flat panel detector improves your workflow, exam speed
and comfort with efficiently.
2. A-si detector with CSI screen, excellent spatial resolution.
3. Active area: 17”×17”.

1. Multi-automatic protection and error code indicator ensure convenient maintenance.
2. Attractive design U-arm frame, fully automatic motorized movement, widely used for standing and decubitus positions.
3. Safety features protect against collision with patient and obstacles.
4. Table-side control, remote control and compartment control provide instant access to patient data and key parameters.

1. Human graphic touch screen control console.
2. Preprogrammed data setting.
3. One-click positioning.
4. Multiple self-protection program together with fault alarming functions.


1. One-stop workstation for the complete examination workflow.
2. High resolution medical monitor.
3. Dicom 3.0 networking interface for integration with clinical network, PACS, RIS.


Optional: U-arm radiography table

1. Equipped with build-in battery for motorized movement.
2. Infrared sensor design, feet trigger, release your hands.
3. Low-absorption table top materials.
4. Sensor type electromagnetic lock for table top movement.
5. All-direct movement tabletop, easy to position.


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