PLX 116B1
High Frequency Mobile C-arm System

Features & Benefits

Integrated design Compact and lightweight Extraordinary Smart

Fully digital megapixel imaging system with high definition

High-quality megapixel image enhancer for high-resolution image acquisition.

Integrated computer workstation & rack

•C-arm host and workstation integrated design, no cable, easy to move
•Small footprint, saving space
•Integrated workstation with rich image processing capabilities
•"Independent Operation" to complete the movement and exposure of the C-arm

Smart and compact design

•Five mechanical movements, free rotation without dead ends
•Wide base design, more secure
•The integrated design of the whole machine is compact and beautiful
•Rack monitor rotation for free viewing in multiple directions

High quality X-ray source Multiple working modes,arbitrarily selected

Hand controller

• Humanized miniature, mobile operator panel design, free control from the host

Human graphic operation interface

•Human graphic LCD touch screen design, make it easy to operate
•Intelligent parameter adjustment, more accurate

PLX 116B1
High Frequency Mobile C-arm System

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