PLX 7200 
High Frequency Mobile digital C-arm System (Cone Beam CT)

Features & Benefits

Counterbalanced, Isocentric Electric Design

  • C-arm with isocentric design support center area conical volume imaging, provide quality multi-dimensional image for clinical diagnosis.
  • The central beam always remains in the isocenter, which eliminates the need for repositioning and enables both time and dose savings.
Motorized rotated

Intelligent control system humanized,convenient,smooth


Rotating touch screen control panel design allow free rotation on both sides of the unit, it can be used to do parameter adjustment and work mode choice.


Humanized LCD touch screen, accurate APR parameter setting, allow the easy and fast operation during surgery.


Hand-held controller for parameter and movement control, you can operate the machine even you are away from it.

  • Electric Vertical and horizontal extension, all angles of rotation and rail sliding, provide Comfortable operation environment.
  • Four-dimension electric motion control technology with isocentric C-arm allow smooth positioning, satisfy varieties of precise complex angles request.
Motorized slip along the orbit

Cone beam multi-angles radiography

  • orbital rotation and continuous pulse exposure realize Maximum density projection .
  • Multi-angle dynamic continuous images on same part can be acquired.
  • Replay the whole rotation dynamic images, volume rendering technique(VRT).
  • Multi-angles observation during preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative, ensure accurate and efficient diagnosis and treatment.
  • Choose appropriate sequence frames according to clinical need, both image quality and radiation protection can be assured.


  • Widely use in Orthopedics, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, urology, spinal surgery, abdominal surgery, gastroenterology department, gynecology and operating room etc.
  • Bone tissue biopsy, spine pedicle screw implantation, long tubal bone marrow nail fixation and hand,foot fracture surgery with screw fixation.

Precise imaging and Perfect visualization

  • Digital High frequency X-ray generator with micro-focus improve resolution and sharpness.
  • Intraoperative 3D imaging enables intraoperative revisions and evaluation and replaces postoperative CT control.
  • High frequency technology generator assures the best image in every operating condition along with reduced patient dose and extended x-ray tube lifetime.

Dose-saving features

  • Digital pulse dose intelligent control technology meet EU requirements of medical equipment.
  • Real time, continuous pulse fluoroscopy technology, Multiple frequency adjustment, Instantaneous high tube current output assure the high quality image and low dose.
Digital pulse dose intelligent control technology

Image acquisition and processing

  • Optimally matched, fully digital imaging chain from image acquisition to viewing and archiving.
  • Mega pixels digital image storage.
  • acquisition and output.
  • Dual large medical monitors. 
  • High-brightness, high contrast display system assure abundant, delicate images and precise details.

PLX 7200
High Frequency Mobile digital C-arm System (Cone Beam CT)

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