PLX 7000B
High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System

Features & Benefits

Make your diagnose More accurate

  • High-frequency generator deliver the power you need for all the typical applications in spine surgery, orthopedics, traumatology, urology and pain management.
  • Unique design of large thermal capacity with advanced heat dissipation technology, allows for clear images, even for long or repeated procedures.
  • High-resolution CCD camera with image matrix, over shades of gray, realizes more accurate diagnose.


This machine is widely applied in surgical department, orthopedic surgery, urinary surgery, Spinal surgery, Trauma,abdominal surgery, Pain Management, Cardiology, Neuro, Gastroenterology dept., gynae and operating room etc.


1. Image intensifier on C-arm of wide depth and with orbital/skull caudal rotation around the horizontal axis suitable for fluoroscopy, pulsed fluoroscopy, and digital radiography exposure.
2. High-frequency generator with Super High Power and micro-focus, optimizes digital images.
3. Leading world-class continuous pulse fluoroscopy, intelligent exposure control, achievingextremely low radiation dose.
4.Multi-working patterns to meet various clinical needs.
5.Multi-leaf and vertical light control reduce the soft X-ray effectively and the skin dose dramatically.
6.Imported well-known image intensifier and digital CCD camera provide high-quality and high-resolution images.
7.High-resolution and dual medical LCD monitors improve image quality dramatically.
8.Powerful digital graphic workstation with standard configuration of DICOM 3.0 connected to network perfectly, supports dual registrations of Worklist registration and manual registration.
9.Workstation has high-capacity digital storage function, and fluoroscopy and digital spot film ar
stored in lossless digital format. It has powerful processing capabilities like edge enhancement,
multiple image, gamma correction, cineloop, Window center-window width, record etc.
10.Online DSA can be up to frame rate of 30 fps for peripheral vascular angiography with road mapping, pixel shifting, peak holding and re-masking facilities.
11.Four-dimensional electric motion control, accurate positioning, flexible and smooth; large rack design provides a huge space and more comfortable surgery environment.
12.Two panels of human graphical LCD touch screen, intelligent and fast operation; Dual kinetic control system and double foot brake design for exposure, meeting the demands of clinical operations greatly.
13.Fault status is available by digital indicator/error message of panel.
14.Intelligent ABS is available.
15.Excellent DSA and DSI function.
16.Temperature sensor is available for thermal safety cut off.
17.The body moves smoothly forward or backward or right or left by the operation of the steering handle.
18.Foot break can keep the unit still at its desired position.
19.Fluoroscopy can be controlled by remote control or foot switch.
20.Fluoroscopy on or off can be done by foot.




Main Contents

Electrical    Performance

High Frequency

Inverter Power


Output power: 12kW

Inverter frequency: 60kHz

Automatic, Manual Continuous        Fluoroscopy

Tube voltage: 40kV~125kV      continuous adjustment

Tube current: 0.3mA~5mA       continuous adjustment

Automatic, Manual Intensifying        Fluoroscopy

Tube voltage: 40kV~125kV      continuous adjustment

Tube current: 0.3mA~10mA       continuous adjustment

Automatic, Manual

Pulse Fluoroscopy

Tube voltage: 40kV~125kV      continuous adjustment

Tube current: 0.3mA~30mA    continuous adjustment

DSI Digital Spot Film

Different fps can be chosen

Radiographic timer

Select mAs in steps up to 320 mAs

Online DSA frame rate

30 fps

Radiography Tube Voltage, mA

40kV~125kV    160mA

X-ray Tube

X-ray Tube Special  For High Frequency

Rotary anode focus: 0.3/0.6 mm
Anode thermal capacity: 300KHU
Anode speed: 2800rpm

Image System

Image Intensifier

TOSHIBA 9″ Image intensifier with 12 bits

CCD Camera

Medical Mega-pixels digital CCD Camera 

1K x1K resolution


Real  time  collection,  horizontal,  vertical  mirror  image, 
recursive noise reduction can be adjusted continuously, 
multi-images storage, image patching, last image freeze


19″ 1M medical LCD monitor,trolley, automatic ambient light sensor.

Work Station


Serve large frame memory storage,Storage  without  damage,  multi-images  display,  
image W/L  real  time  adjustment,  grayscale  switch,  
region  of interest balance, GAMMA  correction,  flip,   noise reduction,intensifying,  smoothing, sharpening, compression, zoom in,measurement,  remark, picture-text   typeset   print, expert template,   DICOM image  transmit,  DICOM  image  print,  
cineloop,  image imprinting, Worklist registration, etc.

Structure    Performance

Direction Wheel, Main Wheel

Direction wheel 360°rotation, main wheel ±90°rotation


  • Motorized forward and backward movement: 200mm
  • Motorized rotation around horizontal axis:  ±180°
  • Motorized slip on orbit:  120°(+90°~-30°)
  • Motorized ascending and descending of pillar: 400mm
  • Rotation around vertical axis: ±15°
  • Brakes for all movement – should be available
  • Steering real wheel
  • Parallel movement: wheel control
  • SID: 1060 mm    Free space: 860 mm  Arc depth: 700 mm

Reduce the X-ray radiation to the minimum

  • Short, sharp pulses for clear images and the radiation exposure for the operators and patients can be reduced to a minimum.
  • Motorized iris collimator with multi-leaf, supports high accuracy for selected x-ray field size. Crosshair overlay corresponding with laser light, designed for easily checkpoint location before operation, avoiding unnecessary exposure.
  • Professional remote controller for exposure, allows operators retreating to X-ray exposure.
  • Professional storage system for single and continuous images, reducing the repeatability of the exposure.

Perfect Digital Image Chain

  • Advanced functions of Images optimi-zation, strengthen module, real-time displaying the clear clinical images. 
  • Professional working station has more image post-processing functions such as the image W/L adjustment, region of interest balance, GAMMA correction, flip, noise reduction, smoothing, sharpening etc.
  • Two monochrome lat-screen monitors clearly visualize the smallest anatomical details.

Intelligent control system make the operation more efficient and easier than ever before

  • Hand controller on C-arm stand: control the mechanical and collimator movement, improve your workflow even you are away from the unit.
  • Hand controller on the work station trolley: select the mode of fluoroscopy.
  • Synchronized dual touch-screen panels mounted on C-arm stand, with intuitive user interface and APR parameters setting, make the exposure control at your hand all the time.
  • Double rotatable flat-screen monitors on the trolley, clearly visualize the smallest anatomical details even at an angle.
  • The wide opening and depth of the arc make for precise alignment with minimum interference with the operating area.

Four-dimensional movement mechanical design provide you the most comfortable operation environment

Four dimensional movement motorized movement for easy and accurate positioning.

With cutting-edge technology and high performance, this system becomes a reliable partner in the OR for a vast range of surgeries.

Professional diagnostic and treatment platform delivers the optical performance for wider application.

  • Pain management
  • Orthopedics
  • Urology surgery
  • Spinal surgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Digestive department
  • Gynecology
  • A high performance imaging workstation and image processing system servers you a convenient interface for integration with network.
  • Work-list registration for seamless integration in your hospital environment.
  • Dicom 3.0 network interface for integration with PACS or RIS.
  • CD burning for easy image transfer.

PLX 7000B
High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System

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