How about the production capacity of mobile DR core components?


Medical imaging equipment uses X-rays, electromagnetic fields and ultrasound to provide images of tissues and organs inside the human body. Due to the non-invasive and relatively safe nature of medical imaging technology, it is widely used and is often the diagnostic method of choice for physicians when making clinical diagnoses and developing treatment plans. Common medical imaging equipment mainly includes CT scanners, MRI scanners, ultrasound equipment, DR machines, C-arm X-ray machines, and so on.

Medical imaging equipment is a market segment with high technical barriers in the medical device industry, and belongs to a typical multidisciplinary integration industry. Due to key technologies, core components and other reasons, China’s high-end medical imaging equipment market has been monopolized by foreign enterprises such as GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare and Philips Healthcare (“GSP”) in the past. However, after more than ten years of technological development, domestic medical imaging equipment has reconstructed a new market pattern.

Currently, domestic DR has fully caught up with imported DR brands in terms of design (appeara

nce), functionality and quality. Under the global supply chain system, domestic DR shares the global supply chain with imported DR manufacturers, including from detectors, high-voltage generators, and X-ray bulb tubes.

Domestic Mobile DR-PLX5500

However, the problem can not be ignored is that most of China’s medical imaging equipment manufacturers do not have the core components of independent research and development production capacity, all kinds of parts and components are basically dependent on outsourcing from different manufacturers, the production process of the whole machine is actually an assembly and integration process. When the price of core components increases, it will directly increase the overall production costs of enterprises in the industry, shortening the profitability of space. Therefore, whether the core components of independent production capacity and relative to the bargaining power of upstream suppliers has become the key to distinguish the competitiveness of medical imaging equipment manufacturers.

Domestic medical imaging equipment manufacturers mainly rely on imported core components. Take DR equipment as an example, X-ray bulb tube and flat panel detector are the core components and the most costly consumables, accounting for about 40% to 60% of the production cost. Flat-panel detector and X-ray bulb tube for the localization of the pain point, Perlove medical belongs to China’s few core components manufacturers, currently has a bulb tube, high-voltage generator independent research and development manufacturing capacity, its main C-arm and DR two product lines, equipment and product stability, adequate spare parts, can quickly respond to customer demand, has been widely recognized in the market. 2020, Perlove medical C-arm and mobile DR equipment in the market, and the market is widely recognized as a good example. In 2020, Perlove Medical’s C-arm and mobile DR equipment will be “double first” in terms of domestic market share.

C-arm sales ranking in 2020

Core components lead the prospect of domestic substitution of medical imaging, and whether or not to have the production capacity of core components has become an important index to measure the technical strength of medical imaging equipment companies, and to a large extent affects the purchasing willingness of customers.


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