How are gastrointestinal disorders examined in the elderly? What are the advantages of using digital dynamic DR?


How to examine the digestive tract diseases in the elderly? With the current development of China’s society, the population in large and medium-sized cities is getting younger, while the population in second and third-tier cities and towns is showing an obvious trend of aging, coupled with the traditional diet and lifestyle of Chinese people, the elderly do not pay attention to their physical condition carefully and often do not seek medical treatment in time for discomfort, especially digestive tract diseases. In the diagnosis of digestive tract diseases in the middle-aged and elderly population, the conventional examination methods generally used are endoscopy, ultrasonography, barium x-ray imaging and so on. Although there are advantages and disadvantages of different methods, digital dynamic DR is the most suitable method for the examination of digestive tract diseases in middle-aged and elderly people.

What are the advantages of using digital dynamic DR?

Endoscopy was once known as the “gold standard” for clinical diagnosis of gastrointestinal mucosal diseases, but it is an invasive test for patients, especially not suitable for middle-aged and elderly people; ultrasonography cannot detect early gastric cancer; while digital dynamic DR requires less physical conditions for middle-aged and elderly people, and has many advantages such as wide application, clear imaging, convenient and efficient, and low side effects. It has many advantages such as wide application, clear imaging, convenient and efficient, and small side effects.

Digital Dynamic DR

With a 17×17-inch imaging area, Perlove’s multi-functional suspended digital dynamic DR can be used for gastrointestinal imaging, such as esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and other large imaging areas in one exposure. Capturing images of lesion sites with clear and rapid imaging greatly improves the detection rate of lesion examination and makes the diagnosis more accurate.

At the same time, the digital dynamic DR has real-time video image saving function, which is convenient for doctors to repeatedly observe and analyze, to clarify the scope of lesions, and to avoid missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. The intelligent lift bed design facilitates the elderly with mobility problems to get in and out of bed, reducing the workload of medical staff and optimizing the examination experience of doctors and patients.

Middle-aged and elderly people are the key population in primary care, and the status quo of “backward hardware and equipment, lack of talents and examination items” makes some primary care hospitals have more than enough power to deal with middle-aged and elderly patients with many kinds of basic diseases. Perlove multi-functional suspended digital dynamic DR not only facilitates digestive tract imaging examination for the elderly, but also has the functions of digital filming, digital fluoroscopy, digital gastrointestinal imaging, visualization spot film, etc. It is a multi-functional machine with wide clinical application, which helps to expand the examination items of primary hospitals and improve the medical level.

With the improvement of people’s living standard, people’s demand for medical equipment consultation environment will be higher and higher, especially the number of rising elderly population, they are more in pursuit of humane, simple, comfortable, convenient and fast treatment when doing gastrointestinal disease examination, the visualization function of digital dynamic DR provides a convenient and efficient way for middle-aged and elderly people’s gastrointestinal disease examination, and also meets the grassroots medical It is a choice for primary care hospitals to improve their medical service capacity. With the popularization of digital dynamic DR, it will help primary hospitals to solve the needs of many kinds of diseases and bring greater benefits to the diagnosis and treatment of middle-aged and elderly diseases.


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