How can dynamic DR improve orthopedic diagnosis?


According to statistics, the number of fractures in China is not less than 5 million times per year, thus there is a huge medical demand for fracture diagnosis. In the emergency and night clinics of major hospitals, patients who come to the clinic because of fractures always occupy a large proportion. Clinically, the most common diagnostic method for fractures is X-ray. Digital DR can show changes in the entire external structure around the lesion, has high spatial resolution, and is inexpensive, which is significantly better than other imaging tests such as CT in the identification of fracture lesions.

With the development of medical equipment technology, Dynamic DR, as a new type of X-ray equipment, has gradually replaced conventional DR and become an indispensable X-ray examination equipment in medical institutions at all levels.

PLX8600 Large Field of View Flatbed Dynamic DR

PLX8600 large field of view flat-panel dynamic DR of Perlove medical care, will be visualized imaging, large format multi-angle rotating high-definition fluoroscopy, high-definition filming, milliseconds high-definition film counting, real-time image preservation and playback, automatic exposure control (AEC), full-body splicing, image post-processing and other multiple functions in one; with 17″*34″ effective field of view, which is two times of the market’s large-size flat-panel, a single imaging is not spliced, solving the problem of spliced images, which have the density of non-spliced images. It solves the problems of uneven density of spliced images, image alignment and magnification effect at the splicing place, and brings the real large field of view image solution to the clinic, with high-definition image quality, accurate imaging without distortion, and assists doctors in accurately diagnosing diseases.

Large field of view without splicing One exposure covers the whole spine.

Clinical Images of Whole Spine

PLX8600 Large Field of View Flatbed Dynamic DR Clinical Imaging of Whole Spine in One Exposure is suitable for children, adults, elderly people with lumbar degenerative spine, ankylosing spondylitis, spinal tuberculosis and other clinical applications, and it plays an extremely valuable role in such large field of view clinical photography.

PLX8600 large field of view flatbed dynamic DR can observe the lesion site from multiple angles under fluoroscopic condition, do preoperative diagnosis and postoperative healing examination, such as spinal oblique fluoroscopy, can observe the isthmus of the pedicle, diagnose whether the vertebral body is slipped, etc.; can be in the state of spinal motion through the fluoroscopic mode of observation of the state of the whole spine, to understand the degree of mobility of the spinal column at the lesion and the relationship between the bone structure, with the function of the point of view film to quickly obtain high-definition key frame images, assist the doctor to formulate the key frame images. With the point-and-shoot function, it can quickly obtain high-definition keyframe images, which can assist doctors in making more accurate surgical plans.

Clinical Images of Lower Extremities with Dynamic DR

Clinical images of both lower extremities

Intramedullary nailing surgery is a common minimally invasive surgical procedure in orthopedics and hand and foot surgery, and patients need to take pictures of the longer nails placed in the femur and humerus when they are followed up.The PLX8600’s field of view can brilliantly solve the pain of doctors who need to take pictures several times and then stitch them together. The PLX8600 is able to solve the pain of multiple photography and splicing. It can image both lower limbs at one time, which is highly efficient and does not require splicing. The measurement function of the workstation software is convenient for doctors to read the length data of both lower limbs, which helps accurate diagnosis.

Dynamic DR has the whole spine, the whole lower limb panoramic imaging technology inspection, can more clearly show the patient’s condition changes, the orthopaedic disease patients of the whole spine, the whole lower limb lesions image display more integrity, the patient in the natural state of the stress situation is more comprehensive display, help orthopaedic disease patients to improve clinical diagnosis, the patient has a positive role in the scientific development of clinical treatment programs. It has a positive effect on the scientific formulation of clinical treatment programs for patients.

PLX8600 Large Field of View Flatbed Dynamic DR can meet the diversified needs of clinical departments at all levels of medical institutions (such as orthopedics, traumatology, spine orthopedics, radiology and interventional radiology, etc.), and it is a real “scout” for diseases, a real tool for imaging doctors, and a solid support for the health of grass-roots people.


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