How does a c-arm x-ray machine combine high-definition imaging with low-dose radiation?


As a commonly used equipment in the operating room, the role of c-arm x-ray machine is to real-time high-frequency X-ray localization imaging, for example, in a joint replacement surgery, the application of x-ray photography will be as many as 10 times or more.

As we all know, radioactive examination will cause certain radiation damage to the human body, both the examinee and the main surgeon will be affected, especially the latter, who has to face multiple surgeries and multiple exposures every day, and the harm cannot be ignored.

Therefore, under the premise of ensuring high-definition quality of the image to minimize the radiation dose as much as possible, to protect the health and safety of medical staff and patients, is the consistent goal of the research and development and production of medical X-ray equipment manufacturers, which is also the mainstream trend of the future development of the C-arm X-ray machine.

Domestic c-arm manufacturers is how to reduce the radiation of the equipment? PUMA’s mobile flat panel c-arm x-ray machine PLX119C, starting from both hardware and software, realizes the two-way breakthrough of high-definition image and low-dose radiation.

Large flat panel c-arm x-ray machine PLX119C

On the hardware side, PLX119C adopts the high-frequency high-voltage generator technology independently developed by Perlove Medical, with high-quality integrated bulb tube, which makes the inverter frequency as high as 110kHz, reduces the occurrence of soft rays and improves the quality of rays. In addition the C-arm uses a 30CM x 30CM large size dynamic flat panel detector, the imaging area is significantly increased compared to the traditional flat panel detector, the field of view is doubled and also reduces the number of surgical exposures, which really realizes the two major goals of high-definition image and low-dose radiation.

c-arm x-ray machine with low radiation

On the software side, PLX119C utilizes intelligent real-time image processing technology, as well as intelligent frequency conversion technology that automatically adjusts the image frame rate according to the part of the body being illuminated and the dose of the radiation, so that under the premise of retaining the effective information of the diagnostic data and the quality of the high-definition image, it continuously realizes the goal of achieving the lower dose and the best image at the same time. In addition, the equipment also has the function of DAP dose display, which can display the radiation dose of each exposure, monitor the radiation situation in real time, avoid excessive intake of X-ray radiation by doctors and patients, and take care of the health of doctors and patients.

Clinical image of domestic c-arm x-ray machine PLX119C


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