[How does Carried out esophageal stenting in Perlove Medical interventional Flat panel C-arm ?


Recently, our hospital (Yushu Maternal and Child Health Hospital) successfully carried out the first case of esophageal stent implantation for patients with esophageal cancer, making up for the gap of minimally invasive intervention in this field in our hospital. Esophageal stent implantation has the advantages of easy operation, safety, low cost, short hospitalization time, low nursing care burden, fast recovery, etc., which can bring better survival experience and dignity of life to patients.

Participating in the procedure were Deputy Director Xu Shufei, Head Nurse Wang Yanhong, Dr. Zhang Tieying, Dr. Zhang Baihan, and Nurse Lu Linan from the Catheterization Unit of Yushu Maternal and Child Health Hospital. With the full support of Director Wang Tianwei from the Interventional Department of CJU, it took 2 hours to successfully implant esophageal stents for 2 patients with esophageal cancer.

Case 1

Male, 60 years old

The patient had difficulty in swallowing with pain and vomiting after eating. After gastroscopy and biopsy, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Preoperative imaging

Considering the risk of surgery and the patient’s psychological ability, the family hoped to alleviate the patient’s symptoms with the least traumatic treatment. The expert team repeatedly asked about the patient’s medical history and evaluated the patient’s condition, and the patient’s family decided to perform esophageal stent implantation in order to solve the problem of feeding difficulties, improve the nutritional status of the whole body, and improve the quality of life.

Intraoperative Fluoroscopy in Perlove Medical interventional flat-panel Carm

After the operation, C-arm imaging showed that the contrast fluid smoothly passed through the esophagus directly to the stomach without obstruction, perfectly interpreting the whole process from esophageal obstruction to smooth patency.

Case 2

Female, 69 years old

Preoperative image
Intraoperative Fluoroscopy in Perlove Medical interventional flat-panel Carm

Esophageal stenting-application prospect

Esophageal cancer is one of the common gastrointestinal tumors with high incidence rate, which is ranked as the eighth most common cancer in the world, and China is one of the regions with high incidence of esophageal cancer in the world. The typical symptom of esophageal cancer is progressive dysphagia. The main treatments include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and comprehensive treatment, and the prognosis is better in early treatment. If improper treatment or no treatment, the tumor can infiltrate the surrounding tissues, spread and metastasize, including trachea, liver, lung, brain and other parts, and finally cause multiple organ failure. 50% of esophageal cancers are found to be in the advanced stage, which has already lost the best chance of surgery. Esophageal stent implantation not only solves the serious intake obstacle caused by esophageal obstruction, but also improves the quality of life of the patients, greatly improves the nutritional needs of the patients, and improves the quality of survival.

Schematic diagram of esophageal stenting

Esophageal Stenting – Indications

Esophageal stent implantation is not only suitable for esophageal stenosis caused by esophageal tumor, but also has very significant therapeutic effect on esophageal stenosis caused by various benign diseases, such as anastomotic scar stenosis after esophageal cancer surgery, in which removable stents can be placed, and the indications of esophageal stent implantation are introduced as follows:

✔ Advanced esophageal cancer, cardia cancer stenosis that cannot be treated surgically

✔ Patients with recurrence after radiotherapy for esophageal cancer

✔ Esophageal stricture caused by chemical injury or other trauma

✔ Esophageal tube scarring stenosis, post-radiotherapy stenosis

✔ Postoperative anastomotic stricture of esophageal cancer

✔ Postoperative recurrence of esophageal cancer

✔ Esophagotracheal fistula, esophageal mediastinal fistula

✔ External compressive esophageal stricture due to mediastinal tumor or lymph node


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