How does Suspending DR equipment reduce radiation dose?


X-ray imaging technology provides powerful support for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, but it is undeniable that the radioactive examination will cause some radiation damage to the human body. Therefore, for X-ray machine manufacturers, in the pursuit of high-quality images at the same time, radiation dose control should not be ignored.

Digital X-ray imaging (DR) is a major classification of medical imaging equipment, and in 2021, China’s DR equipment holdings will be about 116,000 units or so. How does the current medical DR equipment reduce the radiation dose?

In fact, engineers are considering this issue during the design and development stage of the machine. Deeply cultivating the technology and optimizing the design, Prudent Multi-functional Dynamic DR brings the solution of radiation low dose management for medical patients.

I. DAP Exposure Dose Display

In terms of dose safety management, Prudential DR equipment uses DAP radiation dose monitoring system to protect the health of doctors and patients.

DAP is the value of the product of the cumulative radiation dose and the exposure area, which indicates the total number of rays irradiating the human body. Since the radiation exposure to healthcare workers comes from the secondary rays generated when the main ray beam passes through the patient. Therefore, the radiation dose received by healthcare workers is closely related to the patient’s DAP. With the DAP radiation dose monitoring system, the dose intensity of a single exposure can be displayed on the image in real time, making it easy for doctors to grasp the radiation situation and effectively control the dose intake, providing more health care for doctors and patients.

2.Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)

Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) function can automatically control the X-ray dose according to the thickness, physiological and pathological characteristics of the illuminated body, so that the images taken by different parts and different patients have the same light sensitivity, solving the problem of inconsistency in light sensitivity and generating good image effects. The operating doctor does not need to select the parameters, but only need to finish the position, according to the preset value of exposure to complete the film.

The application of this function effectively reduces the problem of repeated shooting caused by improper operation or poor technique of doctors, greatly reduces the X-ray dose received by medical personnel and patients, and at the same time, the output of high-quality images guarantees the clinical diagnostic effect.

Suspending DR-PLD7100A

3.Removable filter grid

The design of the filter grid can filter scattered rays, but at the same time will absorb some of the useful rays resulting in an increase in dose. The thicker the patient’s lesion is, the more stray rays there are, and the more the grid is needed. On the other hand, thinner locations such as a child’s torso or an adult’s limbs have fewer stray rays, so removing the grids will not improve image quality, but will significantly reduce the radiation dose.

From the practical needs of clinical practice, Perlove Multi-functional Dynamic falt panel DR adopts the removable filter grid design, which can be pulled out for children or low-dose parts of the examination, bringing more intimate care to doctors and patients.

4.Automatic motorized beam limiter

Adopting fully automatic motorized beam limiter, the field of view can be quickly selected and preset according to the shooting site in APR, and the irradiation field can be automatically adjusted or maintained during the shooting process without excessive human intervention, which not only reduces the radiation dose to the patient, but also greatly reduces the impact of scattered rays on the imaging quality, and the image quality is effectively improved by the pre-determined field of view size with the automatic beam limiter crop algorithm, which allows you to obtain automatically cropped images. images, effectively improving the image quality.

In addition, Perlove Multi-function Dynamic DR adopts high-quality flat-panel detectors and high-efficiency X-ray generators, and comprehensively optimizes the software operating system and the intelligent image acquisition workstation to achieve higher imaging quality with lower radiation dose, and to take good care of the health of doctors and patients. In the future, Prudential Medical will continue to innovate product design and create more high-quality dynamic DR products with high image quality and low dose to escort the health of life!


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