How does Perlove Medical DR enable full spine imaging of adolescent children?


Perlove Medical’s full-frame DR specializes in the detection of scoliosis in children and adolescents. Full-frame DR is the preferred imaging method for scoliosis evaluation. High-quality front and side X-rays of the entire spine, including the cervical, thoracic, lumbosacral and pelvic vertebrae, can clearly show the bony structures of the entire spine and completely assess the curvature of the entire spine, which is an important basis for the diagnosis, evaluation and correction of scoliosis, which is very important for the accurate evaluation of the condition.

X-rays with only half of the spine only show part of the spine, which is not convenient for the doctor to make accurate assessment and judgment. With Perlove full-frame DR, you can get a full spine image in one exposure.

Scoliosis usually requires two films: a full-length orthopantomogram and a full-length lateral spine film.

1. Full-length orthostatic spine film: Cobb’s method is used to measure the lateral curvature of the spine on the orthostatic film in the standing position. An angle greater than 10° is considered scoliosis, and the severity of the scoliosis can be determined by the size of the angle.

2. Full-length lateral spine film: To see the severity of flat back or hunchback caused by scoliosis.

Perlove Medical full-length DR image

Scoliosis is a very common spinal deformity in children and youth today. If not detected in time and treated early and actively, with the increasing degree of scoliosis, it causes thoracic deformity, which will lead to physical abnormalities, such as: uneven shoulders, abnormal back bulge, and crooked body. Severe thoracic scoliosis will cause thoracic asymmetry, collapse, or even torsion and other deformities, limiting the development of the heart and lungs, and irreversibly causing abnormalities in the shape of the heart and lungs; it will also affect gastrointestinal function.

“Early detection, early prevention, early treatment” has become an expert consensus on the prevention and control of scoliosis in children and adolescents. Once a child is found to have scoliosis, parents should bring their children to a professional medical institution in time for examination and rehabilitation of the spine.

Perlove full-width DR is currently the leading medical imaging equipment, compared with traditional DR machines, full-width DR to complete the whole spine of an adult photography, only one exposure, without splicing, effectively reducing the use of exposure dose, to bring the clinic a truly large field of vision imaging solutions, high-definition picture quality, accurate imaging without distortion.


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