How does the mobile C-arm perform precise positioning for fluoroscopic guidance in orthopedic surgery ?


In orthopedic surgery, doctors need to position and operate the patient accurately to ensure the success of the surgery and the safety of the patient. Traditional orthopedic surgery fluoroscopic guidance methods usually require the use of X-ray machines and manual positioning, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also prone to errors. This method is not only time-consuming, but also prone to errors. Perlove’s large flat-panel mobile C-arm can solve this problem.

Clinical application of flat panel mobile C-arm

First of all, the mobility of this equipment is very good. Doctors can move the position of the C-arm machine at any time according to the needs of the surgery in order to get a suitable surgical perspective. This avoids the problem of obstruction of vision or blind spots caused by the fixed position, thus improving the accuracy and safety of the surgery.

Clinical Applications of Large Flatbed Mobile C-Arm

Large Flatbed Mobile C-Arm Image

Secondly, the precision of this device is very high. Perlove’s large flatbed mobile C-arm adopts advanced image processing technology, which can realize high-precision fluoroscopic guidance. Doctors can directly observe the patient’s bone structure and soft tissue condition through the C-arm machine’s display, so as to perform surgical operations more accurately.

Finally, this device is very easy to use. The operation interface of Perlove Medical’s large flat panel mobile C-arm is simple and easy to understand, so doctors can easily get started.

Large Flat Panel Detector

perlove Medical large flat panel mobile C-arm adopts a 30CM×30CM flat panel detector, which can obtain a larger field of view and clearer images of the lesion area in orthopedic surgery treatment, assisting the doctor to quickly understand the patient area and the surrounding bone condition. Its mobility, precision and convenience are outstanding, which can provide doctors with better surgical experience and treatment results.


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