How many exposures does digital DR photography usually take?


DR imaging, also known as digital radiography, is a form of x-ray imaging that is widely used in medicine to examine the clavicle, ribs, pleura, back, and spine for lesions.

The principle of digital DR photography is the use of X-rays through the body does not act directly on the film, but is received by the detector and converted into a digital signal, after computer processing to obtain the image, the information collected digitally, after computer processing on the monitor to reconstruct the original image.

Since digital DR photography is a radiological examination, each exposure will produce ionizing radiation, so you should try to avoid too many exposures. How many exposures does digital DR photography normally take? Actually, the second exposure of DR is normal, and sometimes more than three exposures are necessary.

Digital DR photography equipment

First of all, multiple exposures are very common, digital DR photography has a much higher rephotography rate than film photography, the reason is that DR photography images are displayed directly on the monitor, there is no waste of film, and the technical requirements are low, it will lead to a site often requires 2-3 exposures to get a satisfactory result. Especially when dealing with obese patients, and infants and children who are not very cooperative.

Then, take the common front and side of the chest DR, the front of the chest needs to be exposed once, the side of the chest needs to be exposed once, which is two exposures.

Finally, many people worry about the radiation problem of multiple exposures, in fact, the current DR equipment are very advanced, such as the Perlove multifunctional dynamic DR (PLD7100A), in order to achieve radiation low dose management, equipped with DAP exposure dose display, automatic exposure control, removable filter grid and fully automatic electric beam limiter four functions, can effectively control the dose intake, no need to worry about the radiation impact of multiple exposures. The radiation impact of multiple exposures.


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