How much do you know domestic and foreign C-arm products and sales inventory in 2020?


As national policies actively encourage and support the purchase of domestic brands, domestic C-arms will usher in the spring of development.

Perlove Medical has the No.1 domestic market share of C-arm,let us explore C-arm market’s huge potential in several aspects.

1. Clinical application: The main uses of the C-arm include orthopedic nailing, osteopathy, reduction; surgical implantation of pacemakers, removal of foreign bodies in the body, part of radiography, part of interventional surgery; and cooperating with oxygen concentrator to treat pain, small needle knife treatment, gynecology Fallopian tube guided surgery and so on.

2.Market capacity: The latest report of market research company Signify Research shows that by 2024, the global interventional and surgical X-ray equipment market will still be as high as 3.9 billion US dollars.

3.Development trend: The C-arm imaging system is gradually being digitalized by the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the image intensifier X-ray flat panel detector, with lower radiation dose, larger imaging area and higher imaging quality, which can better meet the needs of clinical use.

4. Market share: In the 2020 domestic C-arm brand sales volume rankings released by Medical Recruitment not long ago, it can be seen that domestic C-arm brand products have already occupied a large market share. Among them, the market share of Perlove Medical’ ranked first among global giants such as GPS(GE.PHILIPS.SIMENS), and domestic well-known medical device companies such as Wandong, Kangda, United Imaging and other manufacturers are also on the list.

Perlove Medical is specialized in x-ray smart making and we firmly believe Perlove will embark on the journey of retaining rankingNO.1 and pushing off our limits with high-quality products and in-time service~


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